2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia College Savings Plan

About Virginia College Savings Plan

Total payroll$8,203,504
Median pay$73,377
Average pay$84,572
Highest individual pay$233,362

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Mary Morris Chief Executive Officer VCSP $233,362
Gary Ometer Chief Financial Officer $210,824
Elizabeth Dutton Chief Administrative Officer $193,252
Michael Thompson Chief Technology Officer $191,651
Michael Henry IT Operations Director $189,807
Lisa Henry Development Director $171,925
Christopher Mcgee General Counsel $169,643
Sherri Wyatt Chief Compliance Officer $150,556
Michael Nguyen Investment Director $149,350
Sheryl Tonini Relationship Manager $148,208
Scott Ridgely Marketing Director $131,753
Changzheng Liu Developer III $130,893
Lisa Auerbach Systems Engineer III $127,318
Ruth Campbell Developer II $127,313
Jonathan Ryan Systems Engineer III $123,218
Vivian Shields Controller $123,181
Lisa Schumacher Development Manager $122,534
Grayson Fox VCSP Infrastructure Manager $118,649
Elliot Kumpe Developer II $116,699
Cathy Crist Software Qault Assurance Engnr $116,588
Rosario Igharas Information Security Director $113,956
Debra Allan Human Resources Director $113,490
Elizabeth Miller Education Strategist $108,850
Gillian Ferguson VCSP Associate Counsel $103,810
Russell Cederholm Financial Operations Director $103,000
Benjamin Knowles Systems Engineer II $100,685
Michael Swink Invest and Fin Reporting Mgr $97,630
Amy Shiflett Administrative Services Direct $93,307
William Knost Developer II $92,700
April Kochon Accounting Manager $92,145
Vickie Sturm Financial Operations Senior Ma $90,283
Robin Clark VCSP Compliance Analyst $89,572
Benjamin Kuehner Systems Engineer II $88,829
Shannon Towles Accountant III $88,659
Karen Setzer VCSP Compliance Analyst $85,222
Aaron Krug Developer I $83,323
Lori Flannery VCSP Marketing Manager $81,974
Sheela Jones Human Resource Generalist II $80,000
Terry Crockett VCSP Marketing Manager $79,568
Sarah Pennington Marketing Associate III $79,440
Donald Young Information Security Analyst I $78,825
Brian Keen User Experience Designer $77,823
Joseph Gilbert Developer I $77,250
Heather Poulsen Accountant II $75,190
Mendy Socha Accountant II $74,396
Wyatt Little VCSP Business Continuity Anlst $74,253
Marek Harris Investment Operations Analyst $73,940
Betty Mullins Accountant III $73,897
Meron Johnson Systems Engineer II $73,377
Barbara Morris Business Analyst $73,000
Maria Slowe Investment Operations Analyst $71,892
Devon Copeland Marketing Associate III $71,750
Monica Spruill Accountant II $71,468
Brittany Lewis Business Analyst $71,141
Cherie Mccoy Operations Analyst III $70,109
Elizabeth Cheatham Paralegal $67,893
Myra Fuller Customer Service Manager $66,439
Kimberly Miller Program Manager $65,776
Amy Goodrich Administrative Assistant III $65,189
Angela Kersey Financial Reporting Manager $64,339
Alyssa Bell Accountant II $63,654
Vickie Brock Operations Analyst II $60,829
Anna Chilton Procurement Officer $58,800
Tasha Johnson Information Security Analyst $58,196
Becky Nelson Marketing Associate II $57,362
Schnel Smith-Gomez Administrative Assistant II $56,228
Rebecca Hamilton-Lyons Marketing Associate II $55,561
Michelle Barker Human Resources Generalist I $55,000
Crystal Harris Operations Analyst II $54,600
Felix Falcon Operations Analyst II $54,600
Tami Wood Administrative Assistant II $53,823
Robbyn Blackwell Operations Analyst II $53,560
Cynthia Dunham Administrative Technician II $53,130
Elise Dipace VCSP Graphic Designer $52,898
Shavone Thomas Customer Service Associate III $52,805