2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

University of Virginia Medical Center

About University of Virginia Medical Center

Total payroll$517,212,847
Median pay$54,849
Average pay$60,190
Highest individual pay$600,329

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Pamela M. Sutton-Wallace Chief Executive Officer (Medical Center) $600,329
William T. Fulkerson Chief Operating Officer (Medical Center) $388,232
Douglas E. Lischke Chief Financial Officer - HS $356,117
Mary E. Dixon Chief Nursing Officer $325,603
Trish Cluff Chief Strat Rel & Market Offic $314,933
Mark C. Pulczinski Chief Revenue Cycle $310,066
Jeffrey W. Keller Chief Innovation Officer $305,240
Charles D. Coder Chief Financial Officer - JOC $297,232
Thomas A. Harkins Chief Environ of Care Officer $256,248
Jody K. Reyes Admin Cancer Services $249,371
Nicholas Mendyka Chief Financial Officer $248,477
Karen L. Forsman Admin Service Line, Heart & Vascular $245,523
Robin P. Parkin Admin HIT Applications $239,210
Kimberlee Y. Daniels Admin Service Line, Ophthalmology & Surgical Subspecialties $230,630
Eric A. Schmitz CIN Executive Director (Management) $230,000
Margaret M. Smith RN Anesthetist-Chief $225,201
Karin W. Skeen Admin Service Line, Women's & Children's Services $224,723
Rafael Saenz Admin Pharmacy Services $222,914
Kevin E. Fox Admin Facilities Plng & Constr $222,102
Bush Bell Patient Experience Officer $221,437
Robert E. Teaster Admin Service Line, Transplant $219,232
Edward Jackson Admin Service Line, Muskuloskeletal $219,024
Michael G. Gelvin Perfusionist - Chief $212,825
Judith K. Benes RN Anesthetist Asst. Chief $212,388
Brent C. Mcghee Admin Rev Cycle Access,PFS&Str $211,016
Rebecca A. Lewis Admin Clinical Logistics & Pla $209,685
Thomas P. Saul Admin Service Line, Medical Subspecialties $209,643
Jamie F. Hughes Admin, HIT Core Clin Systems $208,707
Brett Mcmillan Admin Rev Cycle Sys Int & Opt $208,707
Michael D. Iorio Certified RegNurAnest Pool $208,000
Raymond J. Lindsay Certified RegNurAnest Pool $208,000
Teresa M. Haller Admin Nursing Business Ops $207,210
Lynne D. Boyle Federal Relations Professional $207,064
Leigh T. Williams Admin Business Systems $205,774
Danielle A. Cote Certified RN Anesthetist $202,280
Steven Rabinowitz Certified RN Anesthetist $202,280
Dorothy T. Riley Certified RN Anesthetist $202,280
Nancy J. Harrison Certified RN Anesthetist $202,280
Susan Lewis Admin Accountable Care Org $201,864
Susan C. Jackiewicz Admin Service Line, Neuroscience & Behavioral Health $201,635
Amy Knight Certified RN Anesthetist $200,906
Margaret C. Short Admin Home Hth & Social Svces $200,512
Glenn S. Wasson Admin Analyticsand Perf Meas $199,451
Mark W. Monroe Admin Information Services GF $198,349
James Carnes Admin Radiology $194,750
Donna S. Via Admin Perioperative Services $193,960
Charlotte L. Perkins Corporate Development Exec $193,357
Cathryn A. Phillips Admin Emergency Med and Svcs $193,315
Tracy P. Turman Admin Trans Care Services $193,315
Lindsey Sites RN Anesthetist Asst. Chief $189,072
Martha Peck Certified RN Anesthetist $188,344
C. A. Griffith Certified RN Anesthetist $188,322
Matthew T. Jenkins Dir Pharmacy Acute Care & Ops $187,533
Kelly A. Perry Certified RN Anesthetist $187,325
Kimberly D. Holdren Dir Finance/Controller $187,200
Augustus A. Johnson Certified RN Anesthetist $186,472
Jeffrey C. Hackett Certified RN Anesthetist $184,621
Korinne S. Van Keuren-Parent Dir Adv Practice Providers $184,496
Charles D. Jones Certified RN Anesthetist $182,789
Gary F. Cuccia Certified RN Anesthetist GF $182,052
Jodie A. Edwards Certified RN Anesthetist $182,052
Lauren S. Purnell Sr Bus Develop Lead Innovation $180,000
Carol Ann Rosenberg Perfusionist ECMO Asst Chief $180,000
Michael R. Marquardt Chief of Staff $179,941
Corinne M. Skeens Dir Finance Information Svces $177,632
Donald J. Demarco Dir Project Mgmt Office $176,654
David W. Childress Certified RN Anesthetist $175,481
Jennifer A. Jamison Certified RN Anesthetist $174,824
Brian D. Wilmoth Strat Plan & Rmbursmnt Officer $174,491
Loren E. Therrien Admin Rev Intg & Clin Data Mgm $174,262
Shelly L. Cole Certified RN Anesthetist $173,554
Dominic Paris Dir, Plng Analysis & Dec Spprt $173,139
George F. Brudin Dir ERP Systems $172,848
Glenn A. Fielding Dir HIT Proc & Ancil Systems $171,912
Elyta H. Koh Dir Strategic Initiatives $171,276