2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

State Lottery Department

About State Lottery Department

Total payroll$19,706,023
Median pay$68,029
Average pay$74,082
Highest individual pay$171,954

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Kevin Hall Exec Dir Dept of Lottery $171,954
Robert Wesley Director Marketing $169,920
Deborah Courtney Director Finance $157,688
Edward Maxwell Dir Information Technology $153,227
Tony Russell Chief Administrative Officer $147,667
Amy Dilworth General Counsel $144,990
Jill Vaughan Director Communications $143,064
Terri Rose Director Marketing $141,779
Elizabeth Smith Director Internal Audit $134,664
Marc Mcglade Systems Project Supervisor $132,533
Thomas Sawyer Director-Sales $131,772
Robert Pollard Systems Development Manager $131,672
Alan Hussey Systems Project Supervisor $130,832
Lawrence Liu Senior Programmer Analyst $127,597
David Harris Data Center Manager $120,749
William Tanner Web Development Manager $118,850
Bobby Vaughan Lead Telecomm Engineer $117,296
Anne O'Meally Human Resources Manager $117,188
Bill Lockhart Cash Mgmt Operations Manager $116,875
John Miutz Sales Administration Manager $116,388
Katherine Cundiff Marketing Manager $115,566
Janet Logan Systems Project Supervisor $114,618
Maria Spitzer Systems Project Supervisor $113,119
Thomas Seaman Senior Economist $112,270
Stephen Orford Computer Operations Analyst $112,270
Donna Lankford Systems Project Supervisor $111,824
Michael Young Sr Computer Operations Analyst $109,588
Randy Kelly Senior Systems Engineer $107,624
Mitchell Belton Mgr Purch & Procure Svcs $107,293
Vivian Mitchell CSC Manager $107,288
Carolyn Melton Senior Programmer Analyst $107,120
Kelly Gee Legislative Liaison $107,000
Mary Watson Market Research Analyst $106,708
Paul Battle Information Security Admin $106,269
Lindsay Yowell Mktg Prod Mgr for New Products $105,000
Asa Hegel Computer Operations Analyst $104,892
Jennifer Mullen Communications Specialist $102,855
Rachel Sprayberry Senior Systems Engineer $102,662
Martha Jennings Business Systems Analyst $102,227
Amanda Nies-Berger Contract Officer Senior $101,957
Mary Morton Business Systems Analyst $101,298
James Smith Senior Systems Analyst $100,850
Daniel Catley Mktg Prod Mgr for New Products $100,683
Stacey Beardsley CSC Manager $99,918
Terri Crocker Systems Analyst $99,735
Anne Diep Senior Programmer Analyst $99,639
Christina Whitney Senior Internal Auditor-EDP $98,724
Raymond Wiley Web Application Developer $98,419
William Roper Financial Reporting Manager $97,167
Valerie Henshaw Accounting Supervisor $96,741
Milagros Gutierrez Business Systems Analyst $96,408
Norman Roberts Network Center Engineer $96,235
Justin Matous Marketing Coord/Administrator $96,151
Jeffrey Carson Network Center Analyst $96,064
James Hevener Senior Network Center Engineer $95,691
David Witter Human Resources Generalist $95,076
Sheri Bakken Retail Area Manager $93,778
Ronald Thies Business Systems Analyst $93,600
George Mcdonald Business Development Manager I $93,000
Mark Trawitzki Manager of Investigations $92,855
Philip Hankey Retail Area Manager $91,133
Jim Campbell-Robertson Sales & Mrkting Admin/Analyst $90,640
Michael Estep Telecommunications Engineer $90,141
Luanne Brubaker Retail Area Manager $89,728
Nancy Hutchison Games Accounting Supervisor $89,576
Sandys Boakye Senior Network Center Engineer $89,511
Amy Roper Management Analyst Senior $89,498
Margaret Mangas Quality Assurance Analyst $89,127
Lisa Chernoff Network Center Engineer $88,647
Natalie Caplan Senior Network Center Analyst $88,191
Nancy Lobb Licensing Manager $87,839
Deborah Omohundro Human Resources Generalist $87,539
Ronald Isaacs Computer Oper Supv Senior $87,429
Jane Allen Business Systems Analyst $87,122
Timothy Lassiter Retail Area Manager $87,122