2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Division of Legislative Services

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Total payroll$5,676,347
Median pay$73,950
Average pay$78,838
Highest individual pay$142,755

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Robert Austin Manager $142,755
Mark Vucci Director Legislative Services $133,900
Amigo Wade Deputy Dir Legislative Svcs $129,000
Kristen Howard Exec Dir Va State Crime Comm $128,922
Franklin Munyan Senior Attorney $122,100
Elizabeth Wallmeyer Manager $117,500
Sarah Stanton Manager $116,500
Charles Quagliato Manager $115,500
Colleen Messick Chief Administrative Officer $113,000
Michele Chesser Exec Dir Jnt Comm on Hlth Care $111,514
George Petoe Exec Director Ethics Council $110,210
Amy Atkinson Exec Dir Youth Serv Comm $107,882
Jeffrey Sharp Senior Attorney $105,262
Virginia Edwards Mgr Inform & Resource Center $101,500
Paula Margolis Research Analyst $101,146
Stephen Weiss Research Analyst $101,146
Andrew Mitchell Research Analyst $101,146
Christina Arrington Policy Analyst $100,227
Jessica Kilgo Admin and Fiscal Offcr $98,740
Colin Drabert Policy Analyst $97,700
Kristen Walsh Manager $94,708
Karen Perrine Assistant Registrar $92,155
Margaret Lamb Attorney $89,364
Scott Meacham Senior Attorney $85,527
John May Attorney $85,108
Adrienne Kotula Exec Dir Chesapeake Bay Comm $85,000
Alan Gernhardt Senior Attorney $84,935
Ryan Brimmer Senior Attorney $83,744
Thomas Stevens Senior Attorney $83,675
Lilli Hausenfluck Chief Editor $79,908
William Egen Legislative Analyst $78,000
Elizabeth Palen Senior Associate $75,268
Emma Buck Attorney $74,778
Brittany Olwine Attorney $74,778
Nathan Hittle Attorney $74,000
Christine Noonan Attorney $73,950
Wesley Stigall GIS Specialist $72,546
Rebekah Stefanski Attorney $72,000
Connor Garstka Attorney $71,950
Jessica Budd Attorney $71,860
David Barry Attorney $71,860
Theresa Schmid Senior Associate $69,984
Shelynda Colbert-Capers Senior Associate $69,000
Craig Reynolds Research Analyst $68,000
Chad Ayers Attorney $64,000
Julie Smith IT and GIS Analyst $63,590
Anne Bloomsburg Associate $63,525
Stephanie Kerns Administrative Assistant $63,326
Viqi Wagner Senior Editor $63,036
Taylor Mey Attorney $62,000
Ashley Binns Attorney $62,000
Brooks Braun Attorney $62,000
Joshua Kaplan Attorney $62,000
Agnes Dymora Executive Assistant II $61,800
Rhonda Dyer Publications Assistant $61,764
Andrew Kubincanek Editorial & Research Associate $59,740
Meghan Gaulding Research Analyst $58,000
Michelle Legates Fiscal & Accounting Technician $55,868
Shannon Heard Associate $54,500
Gwendolyn Foley Administrative Assistant $53,174
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $52,164
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $51,975
(Name withheld) Editor $49,895
(Name withheld) Fiscal & Accounting Technician $48,000
(Name withheld) Records Management Technician $47,862
(Name withheld) Filing Coord Ethics Council $47,000
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $46,456
(Name withheld) Policy Analyst $46,000
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $45,500
(Name withheld) Research & Admin Assistant $45,003
(Name withheld) Communications Coordinator $44,921
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $43,500