2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Transportation

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Total payroll$442,706,757
Median pay$52,242
Average pay$59,479
Highest individual pay$212,661

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Name Title Total gross pay
Stephen Brich Transportation Commissioner $212,661
Garrett Moore Architect/Engineering Mgr IV $185,241
James Utterback Architect/Engineering Mgr III $184,709
Robert Cary Chief Deputy $183,000
John Lawson Financial Services Manager IV $179,653
Wanda Wells Gen Admin Manager IV $178,115
Richard Walton Gen Admin Manager IV $177,442
Mohammad Mirshahi Architect/Engineering Mgr IV $177,359
Renee Hamilton Gen Admin Manager III $174,954
Helen Cuervo Gen Admin Manager IV $172,830
Hari Sripathi Architect/Engineering Mgr III $167,000
Robert Osmond Info Technology Manager II $165,801
Muralidhar Rao Info Technology Manager II $165,801
John Lynch Gen Admin Manager IV $165,614
Barton Thrasher Gen Admin Manager IV $162,225
Susan Shaw Architect/Engineering Mgr III $161,710
Farid Bigdeli Prog Admin Manager III $160,386
Christopher Hall Gen Admin Manager IV $158,000
William Cuttler Architect/Engineering Mgr II $157,018
Randolph Kiser Gen Admin Manager IV $156,936
Christopher Winstead Gen Admin Manager IV $156,936
Lauren Mollerup Prog Admin Manager III $156,560
Nicholas Roper Architect/Engineering Mgr II $155,674
Laura Farmer Financial Services Manager III $155,369
Lisa Pride Gen Admin Manager III $155,058
Earl Gregg Gen Admin Manager III $154,504
Branco Vlacich Gen Admin Manager III $154,500
Janice Long Financial Services Manager III $153,391
Mary Parker Gen Admin Manager IV $152,032
Randy Hamilton Gen Admin Manager IV $152,032
Kenneth King Gen Admin Manager IV $152,032
Robert Hanson Policy Planning Spec IV $151,245
Maria Sinner Prog Admin Manager III $151,194
Melanie Wright Gen Admin Manager II $151,194
David Shiells Architect/Engineering Mgr II $150,316
Stephen Bates Architect/Engineering Mgr II $150,316
David Caudill Gen Admin Manager III $150,236
Nicholas Donohue Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $150,000
Catherine Mcghee Gen Admin Manager III $149,840
William Ferguson Architect/Engineering Mgr III $149,350
Kamal Suliman Gen Admin Manager II $149,346
Kerry Bates Architect/Engineering Mgr III $148,913
Shailendra Patel Architect/Engineering Mgr III $148,874
Daniel Costello Lnd Acq & Prop Mgmt Manager II $148,504
Susan Keen Architect/Engineering Mgr III $147,806
Raymond Khoury Architect/Engineering Mgr III $147,481
Emmett Heltzel Architect/Engineering Mgr III $147,481
Kendal Walus Architect/Engineering Mgr III $147,481
Charles Babish Architect/Engineering Mgr III $147,481
Kimberly Pryor Gen Admin Manager III $146,317
Gary Runco Architect/Engineering Mgr II $146,260
Abraham Lerner Prog Admin Specialist III $145,203
Richard Burke Prog Admin Manager III $145,080
Lindsay Walker Prog Admin Manager III $144,465
Peter Reilly Gen Admin Manager III $143,846
Juanita Mack Info Technology Manager II $143,544
Bradley Gales Audit Services Manager III $140,746
Larry Cloyed Prog Admin Specialist III $140,248
Alireza Farhangi Architect/Engineering Mgr III $140,000
Jennifer Ahlin Gen Admin Manager III $139,273
Martha Gross Architect/Engineering Mgr III $139,050
Paul Stahl Assistant Attorney General-III $138,772
Allison Richter Prog Admin Manager III $138,020
Leonard Siegel Architect/Engineering Mgr II $137,716
Harinderbir Warraich Prog Admin Manager III $137,716
Naveen Abraham Info Technology Manager II $136,576
Ken Connors Prog Admin Manager III $136,409
Ivan Horodyskyj Architect/Engineering Mgr II $136,285
Morteza Farajian Gen Admin Manager III $136,218
Jo Maxwell Policy Planning Manager III $135,979
Theresa Hadden Info Technology Manager II $135,960
Lori Snider Gen Admin Manager III $135,960
Gregory Henion Architect/Engineering Mgr III $135,449
Sylvester Hubbard Info Technology Manager II $135,330
Norman Whitaker Prog Admin Manager III $135,212