2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Juvenile Justice

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Total payroll$74,361,179
Median pay$46,070
Average pay$50,932
Highest individual pay$175,628

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Christopher Moon Physician II $175,628
Cynthia Bullock Human Resource Manager III $134,972
Philip Anastasi Info Technology Manager II $133,989
Valerie Boykin Security Manager IV $132,901
Lisa Floyd Education Administrator IV $130,590
Andrew Block Director of Juvenile Justice $126,860
Joyce Holmon Security Manager IV $126,490
Earl Anderson Info Technology Specialist III $126,083
Jamie Patten Gen Admin Manager III $125,305
Mark Murphy Gen Admin Manager III $117,877
Alex Chobotov Info Technology Specialist III $115,773
Donna Sowers-Becker Education Administrator III $115,721
Deron Phipps Policy And Planning Manager II $114,848
Lori Wilson Dentist I $113,300
Angela Cimino Valentine Chief Deputy $112,322
Thornton Holman Info Technology Specialist III $112,220
Tripti Gangal Info Technology Specialist III $111,395
Kevin Ferlazzo Info Technology Specialist III $110,826
Frank Shumaker Probation Officer II $102,601
Robert Wilburn Architect/Engineering Mgr II $101,603
Barbara Lagasse Human Resource Manager II $101,430
Jeffrey Homan Probation Manager II $100,435
Bryan Graham RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $100,004
Joseph Bridge Prog Admin Manager III $98,847
Robert Foster Prog Admin Manager III $98,205
Gary Vanderhoof Human Resource Manager II $97,856
Vonda Ashley Info Technology Specialist III $97,323
Kenneth Bailey Compliance Manager II $97,140
Regina Harris Prog Admin Manager III $97,016
John Schisa Info Technology Specialist III $96,728
Letha Brooks Education Administrator III $96,072
Michael Morton Prog Admin Manager III $96,030
Mark Hudson Education Administrator II $96,000
Patricia Matthews Human Resource Manager II $95,964
Elizebeth Morse Registered Nurse Manager II $95,577
Robert Gunn Compliance Manager II $95,381
Livia Jansen Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $95,139
Stephanie Garrison Prog Admin Manager III $94,999
Kathleen Tauer RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $94,602
Robin Binford-Weaver Psychology Manager $94,352
Michelle Gwinn Info Technology Specialist III $94,302
Theodore Darden Financial Services Manager II $93,692
Christopher Walsh Info Technology Specialist III $92,589
Brian Paul Info Technology Specialist III $92,409
Russell Jennings Security Manager III $92,079
Jessica Schneider Policy Planning Manager I $92,059
Hollis Stewart Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $91,604
Ashaki Mcneil Prog Admin Manager III $91,552
Dolores Kirk-Johnson Prog Admin Manager III $91,436
Tabitha Dowtin Auditor II $91,253
Mary Hill Education Administrator III $90,980
Maurice Sessoms Prog Admin Manager III $90,557
Deana Williams Education Coordinator I $89,775
Gloria Bartley Probation Manager I $89,367
Theresa Mcbride Probation Manager II $89,089
Andrea Mcmahon Prog Admin Specialist III $88,544
Beatrice Lassiter Probation Manager I $88,503
George Favale Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr II $88,315
Beth Stinnett Prog Admin Manager III $88,213
John Luck Trades Manager I $87,506
Randall James Architect/Engineering Mgr I $87,452
Carol Brown Policy Planning Spec II $87,406
James Horn Law Enforcement Manager II $87,071
Joanna Laws Policy Planning Spec II $86,900
Garry Barnes Procurement Manager II $86,635
Michael Mackey Probation Manager I $86,174
Elizabeth St John Probation Manager II $86,149
Theresa Nwabufo RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $85,975
Bridget Wilson Registered Nurse Manager I $85,800
Martha Carroll Probation Manager I $85,412
Mark Lewis Compliance/Safety Officer IV $85,225
Paige Quattlebaum Probation Officer II $84,991
James Nankervis Probation Manager II $84,435
Lara Todd Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr II $84,048
Guillermo Novo Training & Instruction Mgr I $83,604