2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Health

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Total payroll$171,880,128
Median pay$49,842
Average pay$54,050
Highest individual pay$225,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Mohammed Oliver State Health Commissioner $225,000
Danny Avula Physician Manager I $211,758
William Gormley Physician Manager II $210,981
Stephen Haering Physician Manager I $209,871
Elizabeth Kinnison Physician II $201,592
Wendy Gunther Physician II $200,781
Jeffrey Gofton Physician II $200,240
Amy Tharp Physician II $200,104
Parham Jaberi Physician Manager I $200,000
David Goodfriend Physician Manager I $199,290
Laura Forlano Physician Manager I $198,034
Kerry Gateley Physician Manager I $195,876
Jocelyn Posthumus Physician II $195,700
Gayle Suzuki Physician II $191,282
Demetria Lindsay Physician Manager I $190,884
Jennifer Bowers Physician II $190,000
Alison Ansher Physician Manager I $187,008
Meghan Kessler Physician II $184,370
Thomas Franck Physician Manager I $182,174
Richard Williams Physician Manager I $180,000
Sara Ohanessian Physician II $179,220
Eli Goodman Physician II $179,220
Carmen Coles Physician II $179,000
Michael Hays Physician II $178,000
Sulola Adekoya Physician II $177,095
Eleanor Cantrell Physician Manager I $175,215
Vanessa Walker Harris Physician Manager I $175,100
Nancy Welch Physician Manager I $173,574
Lauren James Physician Manager I $170,000
Scott Spillmann Physician Manager I $169,950
Wade Kartchner Physician Manager I $166,860
Alexander Samuel Physician Manager I $166,735
Howard Nash Physician Manager I $165,000
Laura Kornegay Physician Manager I $164,808
Carolyn Burwell Physician II $163,047
Denise Bonds Physician Manager I $162,843
Alton Hart Physician Manager I $160,471
Colin Greene Physician Manager I $160,000
Noelle Bissell Physician Manager I $159,650
Stephanie Harper Physician Manager I $158,989
Karen Shelton Physician Manager I $158,620
Meena Bala Physician II $156,932
Randall Falls Physician I $154,500
Debra Condrey Info Technology Manager II $149,946
Richard Corrigan Gen Admin Manager IV $149,940
Robert Hicks Gen Admin Manager IV $147,291
Joseph Hilbert Policy Planning Manager IV $145,857
Kim Luk Physician II $144,900
Stephen Richard Physician II $143,763
Robert Mauskapf Emergency Coordinator Mgr III $139,970
Melissa Viray Physician II $139,771
Annie Williams Physician II $139,050
David Jenkins Physician I $134,578
Christopher Gordon Gen Admin Manager III $129,962
Deborah Bowers Registered Nurse Manager II $128,545
Kimberly Allan Gen Admin Manager III $126,199
Billie Blair-Taylor Physician II $126,072
Angelena Thompson Financial Services Manager III $125,000
Stephanie Wheawill Pharmacy Manager $123,489
Dheeraj Katangur Info Technology Manager I $123,095
Rebecca Bynum Human Resource Manager III $122,944
Dwayne Roadcap Environmental Manager III $122,915
Juan Martinez Gen Admin Manager I $122,829
Supraja Bilakanti Dentist I $122,592
Alvie Edwards Audit Services Manager III $122,520
Diana Malik-Ghandtchi Info Technology Manager I $122,500
Suresh Soundararajan Info Technology Manager I $122,478
Michael Mcmahon Gen Admin Manager III $121,532
Lauren Powell Gen Admin Manager III $121,000
Tobin Joseph Info Technology Manager I $120,787
Allen Knapp Environmental Manager III $120,113
Shaina Bernard Prog Admin Manager III $120,000
Philippe Peter Gen Admin Manager II $120,000
Robert Payne Gen Admin Manager III $119,482
John Ringer Policy Planning Spec IV $119,205