2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Education

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Total payroll$27,440,884
Median pay$62,134
Average pay$63,964
Highest individual pay$235,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
James Lane Supt of Public Instruction $235,000
Kent Dickey Education Administrator IV $165,338
Jennifer Conway Special Assistant $160,000
Shelley Loving-Ryder Education Administrator IV $125,502
Cynthia Cave Education Administrator IV $122,398
John Eisenberg Education Administrator IV $120,579
Patricia Pitts Education Administrator IV $119,906
Sarah Susbury Education Administrator III $118,571
Marie Williams Financial Services Manager II $117,430
George Willcox Education Administrator III $115,102
Sandra Curwood Education Administrator III $114,641
Bobby Keener Education Administrator III $114,477
Patricia Abrams Education Administrator III $112,492
David Eshelman Education Administrator III $111,000
Beverly Rabil Education Administrator III $109,242
Thomas Broyles Gen Admin Manager II $108,989
Clara Sodat Education Administrator III $108,693
Christine Harris Education Administrator III $108,233
Jennifer Piver-Renna Policy Planning Spec III $107,637
Nilesh Trivedi Info Technology Specialist III $107,142
Patricia Trice Education Administrator III $106,986
Mark Allan Education Coordinator II $106,352
Monirul Islam Info Technology Specialist III $106,197
Natalie Halloran Education Coordinator II $105,336
Raymond Woten Info Technology Manager I $104,630
Lynne Fellin Education Coordinator II $104,506
Tricia Jacobs Education Administrator III $104,030
Jeffrey Phenicie Education Administrator III $103,643
Kendra Crump Education Administrator III $103,265
Maribel Saimre Education Administrator III $103,000
Donna Matthews Education Coordinator II $103,000
John Akright Info Technology Specialist III $102,763
Brian Gibbs-Wilson Info Technology Specialist III $102,706
Lisa Martin Education Coordinator II $102,000
Dhiren Desai Info Technology Specialist III $101,661
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla Education Coordinator II $101,000
Diane Jay Education Administrator III $100,572
Tracie Coleman Financial Services Spec III $100,560
Christine Lopilato Financial Services Manager II $99,373
Cheryl Strobel Education Administrator III $98,320
Susan Williams Info Technology Manager I $98,126
Wanda Council Education Coordinator I $96,546
Dawn Hendricks Education Coordinator I $96,546
Laurie Cooper Education Coordinator I $96,546
Rebecca Marable Human Resource Manager II $95,598
Teresa Lee Education Coordinator II $95,000
Tara Mcdaniel Education Administrator III $95,000
Ramesh Arumilli Info Technology Specialist II $94,653
Arravind Ramnarain Gen Admin Manager II $94,576
Yvonne Holloman Education Coordinator II $94,201
Jason Ellis Education Coordinator II $94,040
Tina Manglicmot Education Administrator III $94,001
Donna Meeks Education Coordinator II $93,948
April Kiser-Edwards Education Coordinator II $93,500
Joseph Wharff Education Coordinator II $93,352
Anne Annala Education Coordinator I $93,340
Tina Mazzacane Education Coordinator II $92,785
Thomas Suh Education Coordinator I $92,763
Michelle Wallace Education Coordinator II $92,759
Peter Coleman Info Technology Specialist II $92,723
Donna Poland Education Coordinator II $92,400
Farideh Mirshahi Info Technology Specialist III $92,201
Venkata Kattekola Info Technology Specialist II $92,145
Susan Trulove Education Coordinator I $91,961
Patricia Rascoe Education Coordinator I $91,892
Christopher Mclaughlin Education Coordinator I $91,883
Rhonn James Financial Services Manager II $91,717
Debra Delozier Education Coordinator I $91,602
Kathleen Harris Education Coordinator I $91,145
Elsie Dawson Info Technology Specialist III $91,087
Adam Anfinson Financial Services Spec III $91,040
Widad Abed Education Coordinator I $90,808
Melody Bushley Education Coordinator II $90,741
Patricia Haymes Education Administrator III $90,361
Vanessa Wigand Education Coordinator II $90,311