2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Corrections

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Total payroll$471,238,567
Median pay$37,161
Average pay$41,181
Highest individual pay$325,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Paul Targonski Physician II $325,000
Meredith Cary-Morrissette Physician II $251,498
Everett Jones Physician II $247,653
Mark Amonette Physician Manager I $229,312
Jo Martin Physician II $220,000
William York Physician II $220,000
Paul Ohai Physician II $216,300
Alisa Williams Physician II $209,400
Ericka Young Physician II $190,000
Harold Clarke Director of Corrections $184,051
Leonard Levin Physician II $181,944
Mary Clarke Physician II $176,176
Sonja Johns Physician II $176,033
Laurence Wang Physician II $173,682
Adam Wyatt Dental Manager $150,184
Frank Fuller Pharmacy Manager $147,084
Arnold Robinson Security Manager V $144,449
Joseph Walters Security Manager V $143,880
Richard Davis Info Technology Manager II $141,047
Jeffrey Ezekiel Dentist I $140,595
George Bailey Dentist I $140,595
Stephen Herrick Gen Admin Manager IV $140,343
Helen Richeson Security Manager V $139,788
Greggory Bowles Dentist I $133,350
Deborah Ball RN III/Nurse Prct II $133,000
Neil Demaree Dentist I $132,278
George Hinkle Security Manager IV $132,221
Henry Ponton Security Manager IV $132,221
Louis Eacho Financial Services Manager III $132,000
Jamilla Divens Security Manager IV $130,295
Paul Moore Dentist I $130,274
Charles Utley Dentist I $130,274
Jennifer Wood Dentist I $130,274
Zaccariah Allen Info Technology Manager II $128,788
Veronica Harrell Dentist I $128,000
Melvin Austin Dentist I $128,000
Melvin Burrell Dentist I $126,665
Werner Wiedemann Dentist I $126,072
Ernest Knight Dentist I $126,072
Sabrina Wells Dentist I $126,072
William Carr Dentist I $126,072
William Newberry Dentist I $126,072
Elizabeth Lee Dentist I $126,072
Robert Dedmond Dentist I $126,072
Eddie Pearson Security Manager III $125,719
Malcolm Taylor General Admin Manager III $123,633
David Clarke Info Technology Manager I $123,440
James Stevens Physician II $123,240
Robin Earley Pharmacist II $116,247
Jeffrey Dillman Gen Admin Manager II $115,227
Gregory Holloway Gen Admin Manager III $114,196
Randall Mathena Security Manager III $114,098
Felicia Stretcher Info Technology Manager II $113,916
Cherrey Wallace Info Technology Manager I $113,674
Leon Dixon Physician II $113,044
Lisa Hernandez Human Resource Manager II $110,000
Marie Vargo Gen Admin Manager II $110,000
Denise Malone Psychology Manager $109,975
Tracy Ray Security Manager III $109,180
Leslie Fleming Gen Admin Manager III $108,621
Dean Ricks Gen Admin Manager III $108,335
James Adams Dentist I $108,222
Tama Celi Policy And Planning Manager II $107,223
William Ralston Architect/Engineering Mgr II $107,141
Marcus Elam Gen Admin Manager III $106,976
Stanley Young Security Manager III $106,414
Tammy Williams Security Manager III $106,258
Marsha Butler Info Technology Specialist III $105,930
Kartikey Yadav Info Technology Manager I $105,504
Darryl Kerkeslager Info Technology Manager II $105,441
Quinton Litchford Info Technology Manager I $105,400
Cindy Davidson Info Technology Specialist III $105,060
Earl Barksdale Security Manager III $105,049
John Woodson Security Manager III $104,795
Keith Davis Security Manager III $104,328