2018-19 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Conservation & Recreation

About Department of Conservation & Recreation

Total payroll$24,117,862
Median pay$50,000
Average pay$55,443
Highest individual pay$151,577

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Clyde Cristman Dir Dept Cons & Recreation $151,577
Thomas Smith Gen Admin Manager III $122,069
Rochelle Altholz Gen Admin Manager III $122,062
Russell Baxter Gen Admin Manager III $122,000
Darryl Glover Environmental Manager II $119,923
Craig Seaver Gen Admin Manager III $117,893
Micah Fairchild Human Resource Manager II $111,240
Amanda Pennington Architect/Engineer II $105,727
Suzanne Swinson Gen Admin Manager II $105,678
Michael Harrell Info Technology Manager I $102,513
Eric Surratt Audit Services Manager II $100,529
David Collett Natural Resource Manager III $99,532
Lisa Mcgee Policy And Planning Manager II $99,179
Wendy Howard-Cooper Gen Admin Manager II $97,531
Sharon Partee Financial Services Manager II $95,153
Timothy Shrader Natural Resource Manager III $94,148
Robert Vanlier Architect/Engineer II $93,294
Mark Schuppin Natural Resource Manager II $92,955
Kathleen Graham Info Technology Specialist II $92,000
Christopher Cole Procurement Manager III $91,670
David Wilmoth Architect/Engineer II $90,846
Jason Bulluck Environmental Manager II $90,640
Kelly Mcclary Architect/Engineering Mgr II $89,273
John Hougland Training & Instruction Mgr I $89,243
Nancy Heltman Prog Admin Manager III $89,121
Ann Zahn Natural Resource Manager II $88,639
Mark Killgore Architect/Engineer II $88,580
Danette Poole Prog Admin Manager III $88,178
Edward Davis Environmental Manager I $87,749
Thomas Roberts Architect/Engineer II $87,227
Sharon Ewing Natural Resource Manager II $86,587
Scott Thomas Architect/Engineer II $86,000
David Summers Law Enforcement Manager II $85,932
Timothy Vest Natural Resource Manager II $85,117
Benjamin Chester Architect/Engineer II $85,000
Isaac Sarver Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $85,000
Patrick Smith Info Technology Specialist II $84,460
Arnold Kramer Prog Admin Manager II $83,805
Zhengang Wang Architect/Engineer II $83,586
Suzan Bulbulkaya Environmental Specialist II $83,095
Anthony Widmer Natural Resource Manager II $82,932
Melissa Jackson Financial Services Manager I $82,400
Sarah Richardson Environmental Manager I $82,365
Scott Johnson Prog Admin Manager II $82,112
Forrest Gladden Natural Resource Manager II $81,944
James Ludwig Environmental Manager I $81,925
Harvey Thompson Natural Resource Manager II $81,361
Clyde Owens Environmental Manager I $80,896
Kenneth Benson Natural Resource Manager II $80,575
Richard Myers Environmental Manager I $79,631
John Grooms Natural Resource Manager II $78,914
Deborah Puzzo Prog Admin Specialist II $78,795
Synthia Waymack Environmental Specialist II $78,383
Theresa Duffey Environmental Manager I $78,314
Steven Hawks PR & Mktg Mgr II $78,085
John Shanklin Natural Resource Manager II $78,039
Steven O'Quinn Natural Resource Manager II $77,250
Charles Wilson Architect/Engineer II $77,250
Christine Watlington Policy Planning Spec II $77,078
Douglas Covington Architect/Engineer I $77,000
Joseph Weber Environmental Manager I $76,943
Michael Fletcher Prog Admin Specialist II $76,898
Ralph Echols Environmental Manager I $75,995
Michael Henshaw Human Resource Analyst II $75,602
Taris Harmon Human Resource Analyst II $75,602
Robert Evans Environmental Manager I $75,190
Nathan Younger Natural Resource Manager II $75,030
David Warriner Architect/Engineer II $75,000
Kimberly Freiberger Policy Planning Spec II $75,000
Michael Vanlandingham Environmental Specialist II $74,791
Deborah Cross Environmental Specialist II $74,588
Elizabeth Crosier Environmental Manager I $74,516
Altonia Foster Financial Services Manager I $74,320
Charley Banks Environmental Specialist II $73,973
Forrest Atwood Environmental Specialist II $73,870