2017-18 local government employee salaries

Prince George County

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Total payroll$11,168,498
Median pay$48,888
Average pay$53,694
Highest individual pay$160,266

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Percy C. Ashcraft County Administrator $160,266
C.B. Knott Jr. Clerk of Circuit Court $138,350
Julie C. Walton Dir Comm Development $129,030
Steven L. Micas County Attorney $125,358
Susan O. Fierro Commonwealths Attorn $121,906
Shirley E. Drewry Director Finance $116,280
Jeffrey D. Stoke Deputy County Admin $114,284
Harold E. Allin Iii Sheriff $113,450
Franklin A. Haltom Dir of Eng. & Util. $110,000
Bettina W. Coghill Director Comm Corrections $109,065
Roderick M. Compton Real Estate Assessor $107,666
William K. Early Chief of Police $101,490
Keith B. Rotzoll Director-Parks & Rec $98,910
Shel M. Bolyard-Douglas Director-Social Svce $97,795
Kirsten F. Cherry Director Info Tech $90,602
Eric A. Young Police Captain $90,565
Darlene M. Rowsey Commission of The Revenue $89,347
Michael J. Purvis Dir General Services $88,000
James B. Owens Dir Fire/EMS $84,489
Mark T. Payne Chief Deputy Sheriff $80,881
Susan C. Vargo Treasurer $77,193
Corina F. Hurt Dir Human Resources $75,437
Timothy M. Dustan Asst Comm Atty $70,747
Mark W. Barnard Asst Comm Atty $70,747
Matthew C. Blaes Coordinator V, Gis $70,458
Dean M. Simmons Deputy Dir/Bldg Offi $70,000
Paul W. Burroughs Police Lieutenant $68,365
Roger W. Vargo Lieutenant Sheriff $67,675
John W. Leach Police Lieutenant $66,672
Carol M. Crawford Coor IV, Real Estate $66,379
Deenie D. Anderson Manager V, UT Office $66,363
Keith S. King Sergeant Sheriff $66,101
Horace H. Wade Iii Planner $65,000
Teresa H. Knott Clerk To The Board $64,094
Tina A. Dixon Benefits Program Supervisor $63,464
Walter C. Douglas Police Lieutenant $62,215
Mark E. Pond Sr Build Inspector $62,129
Brian E. Estep Sr Build Inspector $61,347
Sean E. Moore Police Lieutenant $61,200
Donald R. Blake Iii Fire Captain I , Vol $60,723
Michael G. Taber Police Captain $59,580
Joyce B. Jackson Chief Deputy Court Clerk $59,500
Zina K. Gaines Mgr III, SS Case Mgt $59,069
Earl Earl Crawford Police Lieutenant $59,001
John E. Pearson Jr. Police Officer $58,666
Lori H. Robertson Accounting Supervsr $58,242
Christine C. Collins Payroll Supervisor $58,242
Yaminah C. Williams Info Syst Analyst,Bp $58,140
Noel P. Watson Police Lieutenant $58,044
Angela W. Blount Coor IV, Envir Prog $58,000
Walter R. Martin Sr. Plans Reviewer $57,146
Vickie L. Clarke Mgr III, SS Case Mgt $56,645
Michael R. Lilly Fire Captain $56,487
Jason A. Koren Fire Captain $56,487
Christopher E. Allin Fire Captain $56,487
Robert E. Eley Iii Coordinator V, Athletics $56,486
Carlton W. Kennedy B&G Maintenance Mechanic $56,451
Jason E. Coker Fire Lieutenant $56,232
Gregory S. Simms Fire Lieutenant $56,232
Michael C. Laine Police Sergeant $56,185
Harold N. Shreves Master Police Office $56,122
Brenda J. Johnson Ben Prog Special III $55,697
Nicholas J. Wilder Police Sergeant $55,685
Wayne T. Newsome Ii Police Officer 1St C $55,213
Susan C. Chappell Court Administrator $55,000
Deborah H. Edwards Deputy Court Clrk II $54,477
Timothy M. Horne Master Mechanic $54,218
Benjamin Benjamin Saunders Iii Info Systms Engineer $54,100
Cheryl D. Riggins Payroll Specialist $53,209
Mary E. Bell Mgr III, SS Case Mgt $53,035
Ronald W. Sisson Police Officer $52,887
Anthony D. Reed Master Police Office $52,847
Thomas J. Milazzo Police Officer $52,783
James T. Mann Master Police Office $52,747
Wendy L. Joiner Hr Analyst $52,546