2017-18 local government employee salaries

Powhatan County

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Total payroll$8,033,422
Median pay$43,774
Average pay$49,897
Highest individual pay$183,750

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Theodore Voorhees County Administrator $183,750
Richard Cox Commonwealth's Attorney $132,107
Teresa Dobbins Clerk of the Circuit Court $110,825
Ramona Carter Director of Public Works $102,013
Steven Singer Fire & Rescue Chief $102,000
Rob Cerullo Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney $100,980
Charla Schubert Director of Finance $100,900
Faye Barton Treasurer $100,278
Bret Schardein Director of Community Development $97,650
Thomas P Nolan Director of Public Safety Communications $96,410
Bradford Nunnally Sheriff $96,152
Cathy Pemberton Social Services Director $90,209
Jamie Timberlake Commissioner of Revenue $89,279
Linda Jones HR Manager $78,631
Adam Sadler Chief Deputy Sheriff $77,112
Gretchen Brown Asst. Commonwealth's Attorney $74,334
Peggy Martin Library Director $74,280
Ralph Shelton Building Official $72,902
Dan Stowers IT Systems Administrator $72,682
Jeffery Searfoss Captain $71,910
Mark Piper Facilities & Grounds Manager $71,409
Ed Howland Principal Planner $70,937
Michael Wentworth Senior Detective $63,250
William T Wright Sergeant $61,822
Timothy Bruce Glidewell Utilities Operations Superintendant $61,691
Cherl Jessie Chief Deputy Rev. Commissioner $61,217
Karen Alexander Director of Elections $60,857
Johnny Melis Utilities Manager $60,384
Sharon Bartley Administrative Services Manager $60,073
Danny Lee Smith Lieutenant $58,972
Rebecca Nunnally Master Chief Deputy Treasurer $58,199
Shaun Reynolds Environmental Coordinator $58,178
Michael Boggs Sergeant $56,910
Benjamin Nice Detective $56,665
Vince Whittaker Sergeant $56,095
Wayne Bradley Morris Deputy Sheriff $55,526
Lee Roy Sullivan Sergeant $55,285
Linda Wall Paralegal $54,872
Rodolfo Riopedre Sergeant $54,417
Andrew Pompei Planner II $54,060
M Wilson-Woodel Recreation Coordinator $53,264
Wendy Mcclellan Victim/Witness Coordinator $52,749
Lynnett Murphy Family Services Manager $52,087
Christine Boczar Sargeant-Animal Control $51,745
Melissa Gradwell HR and Accounting Analyst $51,626
David Hunt Sergeant $51,453
Bradly Luxford Deputy Sheriff $50,999
Lance Gatewood Sergeant $50,898
Cynthia Gillespie Communications Manager $50,898
Christian Mcintosh Facilities Supervisor $50,503
Penny Reams Administrative Associate - Fire & Rescue $50,364
Pauline Evans Deputy Treasurer Clerk III $50,364
Stephen Swift Utilities Operator I $49,867
Arthur Gregory Detective $49,473
Marilyn Durham Detective $49,228
Shirley Goins Administrative Assistant - Public Works $48,457
Phoebe Wright Benefit Programs Manager $48,426
Matthew Ryan Baltimore Deputy Sheriff $48,257
Obie Arrington Deputy Sheriff $48,200
David Dunivan Building Plans Reviewer $48,000
Donna Skeens Civil Clerk II $47,966
David Samuel Communications Specialist $47,966
Foster B Miles Deputy Sheriff $47,940
Kerri Delaney Accountant $47,500
Lynne Beach Accounting Analyst $47,479
Whitney Berriman Librarian $47,476
(Name withheld) Crime Analyst $47,392
(Name withheld) Chief Deputy Clerk-Circuit Court $47,214
(Name withheld) Detective $46,547
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff $46,305
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff $46,271
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff $45,365
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff $44,962
(Name withheld) Communications Specialist $44,768
(Name withheld) Master Deputy Treasurer Clerk III $44,528