2017-18 local government employee salaries


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Total payroll$25,756,848
Median pay$45,235
Average pay$50,110
Highest individual pay$165,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Aretha R. Ferrell-Benavides City Manager $165,000
Joseph E. Preston City Attorney $155,000
Michael C. Rogers Chief Operating Officer $140,000
Lionel D. Lyons Deputy City Manager $140,000
Darnetta K. Tyus Deputy City Manager $140,000
John M. Altman Jr. Deputy City Manager $140,000
Cheryl J. Wilson Attorney IV $135,068
Brian E. Gordineer City Assessor $130,000
Dennis L. Rubin Fire Chief $130,000
Blake K. Rane Director of Finance $130,000
Wayne M. Crocker Director of Leisure and Cultural A $120,000
Michelle B. Peters Director of Planning & Comm Dev $120,000
Tangela U. Innis Director of Public Works $118,000
Shalva J. Braxton Clerk of Circuit Court $117,030
Ava G. Bedden Director of Human Resources $115,000
Brian E. Sturdivant Deputy Fire Chief $110,000
Tami M. Champ-Yerby Director of Parks & Leisure Services $104,652
Daniel C. Macaluso Fire Captain $102,435
Vanessa R. Crawford Sheriff $99,430
Robert Floyd Assistant Finance Director $98,000
Bret A. Martin Fire Captain $96,285
Gerrit S. Vanvoorhees Information Technology Director $96,000
Twanda Abraham Telecommunicator II $93,810
Kimberley Willis Miles Social Services Director III $92,470
Kenneth A. Blalock Attorney IV $91,253
Paul D. Cleaton Firefighter $90,270
James C. Fagan General Mgr/Pga Golf Pro $90,125
Robert W. Puryear Firefighter $89,188
Luke O. Sears Firefighter $88,906
Christopher M. Lee Fire Captain $88,082
Jerry Wayne Byerly General Mgr Public Utilities $88,000
Danny R. Partin Fire Captain $87,726
Edwin S. Jones Police Captain $85,831
Tiffany Buckner Attorney III $85,740
Kim E. Tucker Telecommunicator II $84,488
Thomas L. Lindsey Attorney III $83,892
Ryan M. Sturt Fire Sergeant $83,577
Christopher A. Magann Fire Captain $82,959
Kevin A. Roberts Fire Sergeant $82,882
Michael R. Ferguson Fire Captain $82,603
Mark W. Allen Fire Captain $82,239
Braden R. Peter Fire Captain $82,036
James H. Reid Fire Marshal $81,608
Vonsheila R. Parker Telecommunicator II $81,297
Jeffrey T. Fleming Firefighter $81,219
Harper B. Cole Fire Captain $80,358
Daniel L. Harrison Assistant GM of Public Utilities $80,000
Richard Phipps Administrative Services Manager $80,000
Melvin L. Smith Fire Sergeant $79,784
Christopher L. Jones Fire Sergeant $79,522
Pamela C. Hairston Commissioner of Revenue $78,411
Charles C. Lawrence Fire Sergeant $78,267
Jeremy E. Tennant Assistant Director of P&CC $78,000
Robert M. Lipford Firefighter $77,272
Brittany C. Flowers Commissioner of Revenue $77,193
Elsa M. Seidel Attorney III $76,443
Wilbur M. Barlow Fire Captain $76,089
Nicholas L. Robinson Operations Manager $75,000
Roland Savage Administrative Services Manager $75,000
John K. Michalek Fire Division Chief $74,880
Sheldon L. Wills Police Lieutenant $73,815
Thomas M. Kozak Firefighter $72,684
Richard M. Lemocks Fire Division Chief $72,198
Mark A. Milazzo Fire Division Chief $72,198
James W. Mclaughlin Firefighter $72,157
Reginald S. Lantz General Mgr Facility Management $72,000
Michael E. Clark Fire Sergeant $71,842
Sharron M. Leverette Telecommunicator I $71,073
Vincent J. Seaberry Operations Manager $70,990
Carl L. Moore Police Lieutenant $70,553
Dominique R. Wright Firefighter $70,195
Thomas W. Kendrick CIP Manager $70,097
John H. Hines Bldg & Property Maint Official $70,000
Aubyn N. Talbott Firefighter $69,226
James E. Smith Fire Sergeant $69,014