2017-18 local government employee salaries

New Kent County

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Total payroll$9,389,880
Median pay$43,500
Average pay$49,946
Highest individual pay$138,002

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Linwood Gregory Commonwealth Attorney $138,002
Rodney Hathaway County Administrator $136,439
Larry Dame Director of Public Utilities $117,148
Amy Crump Clerk of the Circuit Court $116,366
Jonathan Stanger Chief Technology Director $109,082
Mary Altemus Director $108,780
John Mclaughlin Sheriff $107,599
Laura Ecimovic Commissioner/Assessor $106,222
Richard Opett Fire Chief $104,857
Mattherw J. Smolnik Director $95,410
Norma Holmes Treasurer $91,052
Clarence Jackson Building Official $89,741
Brian Bennett Deputy Fire Chief $88,000
Larry Clark Assistant Director $84,580
Lee Bailey Chief Deputy $83,169
Dedreama S. Harrod CSA Coordinator $78,362
C. Michael Lang Asst. Director or Public Utilities $75,286
Justin Stauder Director - Environmental $75,000
Kelli Leduc Director of Planning $75,000
Jon Martz Director $72,526
Jane Bahr HR Manager $72,522
Lisa Baber Battalion Chief $70,719
Kim Turner Director of Parks and Rec $69,878
Wiley H. Carter Captain $69,392
Christopher Hamlet Captain Operations $69,392
Randolph Del Rossi Assistant C/W Attorney $69,353
Harold Jones Operations Superintendent $67,443
Kenneth Vaughan Zoning Administrator $66,887
David Estis Const. & Maint Superintendent $66,310
Katherine M. Cheeley ECO Manager $65,741
Samuel (Buddy) Alter Chief Plant Operator $64,759
Tanger James-Brown Senior Technology Specialist $64,706
Michael C. Robertson Senior Technology Specialist $62,118
Matt Forbes GIS Manager $61,986
Jamie Hamby Admin Lieutenant $61,201
David Bednarczyk Maint Supervisor $61,115
Duane Goss Airport Manager $60,761
Frances Boroughs Administrative Asst. $60,362
Suzanne M. Grable Family Services Supervisor $60,284
Karen Bartlett Registrar $59,968
Phillip Brinkley Utility Construction Inspector $59,231
Susan G. Jenkins Administrative Assistant $57,656
Amy Ashe Captain $57,345
John Mclaughlin Patrol Lieutenant $56,972
Jane Chief Deputy Comm. III $56,941
Timothy Harris Assistant Building Official $56,696
Karen A.C. Mortensen Coordinator, Victim Witness $55,000
Donald Mehalko Detective Lieutenant $54,204
Norveil (Heath) Jenkins Civil Process Lieutenant $54,204
Dana Boothe Office Manager $54,142
Krista Eutsey Executive/Legal Assistant $52,987
Travis Longest Captain $52,987
Wendell Watkins Corporal - SRO $52,946
Tiffany Elam Benefit Programs Supervisor $52,530
Karen M. Christian Chief Deputy Treasurer $52,479
Shannon Walton Accountant $52,479
Jason Baldwin Recreatoin Programs Manager $52,424
Farrar Howard Detective Sergeant $52,388
Margaret Jefferson Senior Payroll Administrator $52,313
Luke Hooker Firefighter/EMT $52,260
Rick Callis WWTPO II $52,125
Chris Carroll Firefighter/EMT $51,487
Wanda Watkins Deputy Clerk of the Board $51,487
Jason Bishop Captain $51,444
Vic Cullen WWTPO II $51,421
Bradon C. Jenkins Firefighter/EMT $50,419
R. Brandon Jenkins Civil Process Sergeant $50,410
Karen Porterfield E-911 Dispatcher $48,746
Marilyn Mills Administrative Assistant $48,619
Lisa M. Galloway WWTPO IV $48,338
Andrea Finn AP Specialist $47,936
Timothy Day Firefighter/EMT $47,748
(Name withheld) Deputy $46,889
(Name withheld) WWTPO IV $46,767
(Name withheld) Family Services Specialist II $46,672