2017-18 local government employee salaries

Louisa County

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Total payroll$11,356,980
Median pay$41,586
Average pay$47,124
Highest individual pay$141,281

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Christian R. Goodwin County Administrator $141,281
Russell E. Mcguire Commonwealth Attorney $138,626
Sandra R. Robinson County Attorney $134,028
Patty C. Madison Clerk of The Circuit Court $110,825
Adam J. Ward Deputy Commonwealth Attorney $100,859
Ashland D. Fortune Sheriff $100,625
Jeffrey B. Ferrel Asst Co Administrator-Operations $95,000
Nancy M. Pleasants Master Commissioner of The Revenue $94,684
Robert M. Hardy Director of Information Sys $92,741
Andrew G. Wade Director of Economic Development $92,347
Sherry Vena Human Resources Director $90,771
Donald A. Lowe Major $88,480
Robert B. Gardner Director of Community Development $85,000
Paul R. Snyder Building Official $84,680
James A. Smith Jr. Director of Parks And Recreation $83,640
Wanda H. Colvin Finance Director $82,620
Eamonn B. Foster Assistant County Attorney $82,500
Henry B. Wash Treasurer $81,121
Richard C. Gasper Jr. Assessor $80,757
Janice M. Allen Director of Human Services $79,068
Keith L. Greene Chief of Fire & Ems $78,828
John C. Robins General Services Director $78,000
Edwin R. Consolvo Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $77,935
Faye H. Stewart Senior Accounting Manager $69,301
Tonya N. Miller Communications Director $67,608
Jack R. Poindexter Jr. Captain $66,900
Michael E. Schlemmer Captain $66,098
Linda L. Buckler Subdivision Agent/Co-Zoning Admin $65,733
Sydney N. Scarce Assistant County Attorney $65,000
Daniel Bateman Captain $64,099
Scott W. Raettig Systems Administrator $63,988
Kristin F. Hawk Afc Operations $63,789
Richard A. Trice Iv Captain $63,663
Cristy E. Watkins Registrar $63,658
Joshua C. Loren Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $63,581
Vicke L. Nester Family Services Manager $62,749
Charles Jeffrey Sims Captain $62,203
Howard F. Porter Deputy Sheriff $60,536
Christopher C. Lee Communications Asst Director $60,171
Patrick W. Sheridan Lieutenant $59,653
Dustin A. Lowe Lieutenant $58,873
David M. Harper Lieutenant $58,250
Sean D. Rowe Sr Real Estate Appraiser $57,027
Robert R. Hix Lieutenant $57,016
Jana L. Green Family Services Supervisor $56,399
Charles E. Love Iii Detective $56,308
Tina Estelle Hall Benefits Prgm Mgr Self Succ Sp Iv $55,930
Alonzo R. Arnette Sergeant $55,660
Hope Solomon Broaddus Family Services Specialist II $54,747
Matthias T. Smith Gis Coordinator $54,592
Scott M. Cox Sergeant $54,584
Mark A. Stanton Sergeant $54,503
Lloyd Wayne Rigsby Jr. Detective $54,003
George D. Martin Lieutenant $53,552
Mary D. Grubbs Chief Deputy Treasurer $52,977
Paula M. Groome-Turney Office Manager $52,963
Patrice J. Sandridge Victim Witness Coordinator $52,757
Martin C. Hart Jr. Detective $52,421
Mark E. Foster Detective $52,211
Harold W. Craig Deputy Sheriff $51,806
Floyd M. Richardson Lieutenant $51,803
Whitney L. Deane Csa Coordinator $51,158
Justin L. Bullock Recreation Supervisor $50,465
Jonathan Apperson Lieutenant $50,026
Kelly S. Mcgirr Medic/Firefighter $49,935
Deborah D. Willard Legal Assistant $49,551
Alexandra M. Mckinley Executive Assistant/Deputy Clerk $49,419
Janet C. Matkins Building Inspector $49,329
Jordan D. Alvis Sergeant $48,611
Gregory S. Phipps Real Estate Appraiser $48,454
Cindy C. Noblett-Moore Refuse,Recycling&Litter Coordinatr $48,425
Brittany E. Hinton Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $48,000
Valerie J. Crickenberger Senior Admin Assistant $47,982
Michael W. Jarrell Medic/Firefighter $47,965
(Name withheld) Master Deputy $47,433