2017-18 local government employee salaries

Dinwiddie County

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Total payroll$9,993,984
Median pay$43,667
Average pay$48,514
Highest individual pay$141,300

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William K. Massengill County Administrator $141,300
Ann C. Baskervill Commonwealth's Attorney $126,268
John B. Chappell Clerk Of Circuit Court $117,022
Tyler C. Southall County Attorney $112,827
Anne R. Howerton Deputy County Administrator - Finance & General Services $103,633
Dennis E. Hale Fire & EMS - Chief $101,105
Tammie J. Collins Deputy County Administrator - Planning & Community Development $98,639
Donald T. Adams Sheriff $96,233
Lori K. Stevens Commissioner Of The Revenue $89,963
Norman L. Cohen Jr. Director Of Information Technology $89,362
Mark L. Bassett Director Planning / Zoning / GIS $89,362
Jennifer C. Perkins Treasurer $87,182
Charles E. Jones Director Public Works $87,182
Rose M. Mastracco Director Social Services $85,056
Crystal H. Spain Director Human Resources $75,177
Jerry T. Perkinson Building Official $75,177
William B. Knott Ii Deputy Sheriff - Major $73,343
Angel Y. Young Gill Director Children's Services $73,343
Dawn M. Titmus EMS Manager $71,554
Joseph R. Vines Iii Asst Dir Parks Recreation Tourism $71,554
Maureen J. Sherry Zoning Administrator $71,544
Morgan A. Ingram Director Economic Development $66,445
Denice R. Crowder Emergency Communications Manager $66,445
Steven M. Kennedy Deputy Sheriff - Captain $66,445
Ryan D. Crutchfield Fire & EMS - Lieutenant $64,824
Nicholas R. Sheffield Fire & EMS - Captain $63,243
Stephen P. Edwards Environmental Inspector $61,700
Charles J. Frashure Network Administrator $61,700
David A. Gunn Deputy Sheriff - Lieutenant $61,700
Marie A. Grant Grants / Community Information Coordinator $60,195
Dwayne H. Gilliam Deputy Sheriff - Lieutenant $60,195
Jacob E. Bridgman Fire & EMS - Lieutenant $58,727
Charles E. Lucy Iii Deputy Sheriff - Investigator $58,727
Kenneth W. Droddy Deputy Sheriff - Investigator $58,727
Steven R. Shifflett Deputy Sheriff - Investigator $58,727
Andrew J. Hardy Marketing Manager $58,727
James L. Parker Jr. Deputy Sheriff - Investigator $58,727
Floyd T. Crowder Deputy Sheriff - Investigator $58,727
Jeremy C. Hodo SystEMS Administrator $57,295
Doretha T Townes Family Services Supervisor $55,898
Pamela M. Goldsmith Chief Deputy Clerk I $54,535
Claire P Goad AdministratIVe Services Manager $54,535
Linda M. Brandon ReGIStrar $54,535
Alvin L. Langley Animal Control Manager $54,535
Richard D. Lanier Firefighter / Medic II $54,535
Mindy M. Stell Victim Witness Program $54,535
James J. Aponte Jr. Deputy Sheriff - Investigator $54,535
Ann M. Taylor Benefit Programs Supervisor $53,205
Joseph E. Owen Jr. Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant $53,205
Charles E. Fulton Jr. Firefighter / Medic III $51,907
Cory B. Davis Firefighter / Medic Supervisor $51,907
Raymond W. Pauley Jr. Park Services Manager $51,907
William C. Conner Jr. EMS Technician III - Paramedic $51,907
Donna K. Harrison Family Services Specialist IV $50,641
Walter K. Inge Building Inspector $50,641
Rosa A. Ingargiola-Peters Firefighter / Medic II $50,641
Frankie I Coleman Deputy Sheriff - Polygraph Examiner $49,406
Sean D. Goodwyn Sr. Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant $49,406
Donald Coleman Public Works Supervisor $49,406
Robin T. Ellis Family Services Specialist II $49,406
Rodney J. Lee Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant $49,406
Cathy L. Williams Benefit Program Specialist III $49,406
Casey M. Dooley Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant $49,406
Robert K. Rainey Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant $49,406
David C. Williams Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant $49,406
Gregory N. Vaughn Firefighter / Medic III $49,406
Fredrick L. Rosier Firefighter / Medic III $49,406
Johnny O. Moretz Firefighter / Medic III $49,406
Heather M Price EMS Lieutenant $49,406
Charles R. Walker Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant $49,406
Teresa B. Moore Building Inspector $48,201
David J. Martin Recreation Manager $48,201
(Name withheld) Firefighter / Medic III $47,025
(Name withheld) Firefighter / Medic III $47,025
(Name withheld) Firefighter / Medic III $47,025