2017-18 local government employee salaries

Colonial Heights

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Total payroll$13,308,248
Median pay$49,000
Average pay$53,446
Highest individual pay$159,552

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Douglas Smith City Manager $159,552
Hugh Fisher City Attorney $156,540
William Henley Director of Public Works $138,981
Alfred Collins Commonwealth's Attorney $124,999
Allan Moore Chief Of Fire & Ems $124,308
Jeffrey Faries Chief of Police $124,308
Bruce Hansen Library Director $120,710
Sheila Minor Director Of Finance $120,359
Stacy Stafford Clerk Of Circuit Court $101,634
Craig Skalak Director of Parks & Recreation $101,364
Kelly Hall Director of Planning/Comm Dev $95,500
Bernie Murrell Building Official $95,296
David Salot Deputy Chief Of Fire/Ems $91,048
Eileen Brown Dir of Office On Youth/Human Services $89,481
Thomas Kifer Police Lieutenant $87,955
Larry Melvin Purchasing Agent $85,120
William Anspach Police Captain $85,105
Dann Ferguson Police Captain $85,096
Samuel Young Police Lieutenant $85,000
Alfred Ross Auto Maintenance Supintendent $84,963
Karen Epps Director Of Economic Development $84,251
Jennifer Carpenter Director Of Human Resources $82,673
Michael West Streets Superintendent $82,341
Richard Bride Battalion Chief $82,120
Tomeka Smith Deputy Director Of Finance $81,181
Ashley Henderson Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $81,000
Thomas Hoover Battalion Chief $80,138
Todd Flippen Asst Director of Pub Work - Engineering $79,590
Arlene Walters Police Sergeant $78,702
David Kissner Fire Lieutenant $76,634
Joseph Boisseau Deputy Fire Marshall $75,483
Steven Kolev Police Sergeant $75,095
Todd Wilson Sheriff $74,596
Bruce Cashion City Assessor $74,584
Eric Albert Battalion Chief $73,914
William Feasenmyer Commissioner Of Revenue $72,946
Meghan Campbell Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $72,500
Steven Groat Police Captain $71,718
Lewis Archileti Information Systems Coord $68,883
Patrick Grundler Fire Lieutenant $68,267
Matthew Spruill Recreation Suprntendent $68,075
Chris Pond Fire Lieutenant $66,110
Robert Helms Police Sergeant $65,496
Debra Russell Financial Specialist II $65,464
Stacey Arehart Police Officer $65,222
Louis Barchanowicz Emergency Equip Tech $65,215
Daniel Kanusek Utility Foreman $65,215
Jeffrey Santini Police Officer $65,037
Robert Ruxer Police Lieutenant $64,020
Valentine Eiler Police Lieutenant $63,886
Keith Chisolm Project Coordinator $63,749
Horace Hines Fire Lieutenant $63,302
Eric Gryder Ems Firefighter $62,322
William Moody Police Officer $61,813
Jason Chimera Police Sergeant $61,760
Rex Sharp Facilities Superintendent $61,559
Kevin Smith Ems Firefighter $61,428
Nancy Wood Chief Deputy/Bookkeeper $61,389
Steven Gillam Fire Lieutenant $61,161
Troy Allen Fire Lieutenant $60,605
William Russell Senior Traffic Tech $60,403
Victoria Terry Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $60,000
Eric Allen Police Officer $59,248
Wayne Rae Ems Firefighter $58,542
Terry Schane Ems Firefighter $58,249
Gerard Petet Ems Firefighter $58,249
Christopher Harris Police Detective $57,806
Michael Elmore Chief Deputy Sheriff $57,518
Russell Woodburn Museum Curator $57,477
Thad Johnson Police Sergeant $57,294
Roger Santini Police Detective $57,222
Timothy Dodd Ems Firefighter $57,139
Michael Kelley Police Officer $57,106
Christopher Wulff Police Officer $57,105
Michael Duncan Police Officer $56,943