2016-17 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Retirement System

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Total payroll$34,477,363
Median pay$74,293
Average pay$109,800
Highest individual pay$957,715

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Ronald D. Schmitz Chief Investment Officer $957,715
Kenneth C. Howell Managing Director-Global Investments $650,006
John T. Grier Managing Director - Internal Asset Management $614,164
Daniel Whitlock Director-Global Equity $526,972
Bryan R. Gardiner Director Internal Fixed Income Managemen $510,162
John P. Alouf Director of Private Equity $492,659
Matthew L. Lacy Program Director - Internal Equity Management $472,063
Stephen R. Mcclelland Director of Credit Stratagies $436,939
Lawrence B. Tentor Portfolio Manager, Research $412,586
Daniel C. Schlussler Senior Portfolio Manager $396,395
Parham Behrooz Senior Portfolio Manager -Internal Fixed Income $385,726
Chung Ma Senior Portfolio Manager $383,617
Alex R. Muniz Senior Portfolio Manager $380,267
John M. Clayton Portfolio Manager $336,428
Weldon J. Wirick Portfolio Manager $328,785
Walker J. Noland Program Director- Real Assets $323,058
Laura Pugliese Portfolio Manager-DC Plans $307,123
Kristina P. Koutrakos Director of Portfolio Strategy $304,403
Thomas J. Coleman Portfolio Manager $287,875
Scott M. Mootz Portfolio Manager $281,856
Steven P. Peterson Program Director $277,000
Ross M. Kasarda Director of Risk Management $268,792
Patricia S. Bishop Director $246,698
Stephen F. Adelaar Portfolio Manager $245,034
Robert E. Voeks Senior Investment Officer $240,274
Cordell D. Honrado Research Manager - Investment Decision Supp Sys $234,765
Holly R. Glass Senior Investment Officer $232,034
Joseph P. Kennebeck Senior Investment Officer $231,417
William H. Gentry Portfolio Manager $226,751
Thomas C. Mulvin Senior Investment Officer $225,364
Vu M. Le Research Manager $217,709
James P. Murphy Senior Investment Officer $217,521
David Waltenbaugh Senior Investment Officer $216,404
Steven Woodall Portfolio Manager $216,093
Hajara J. Sarki-Hurd Senior Investment Officer-Real Assets $211,176
Leland F. Beaton Chief Technology & Security Officer $190,812
Cynthia D. Wilkinson Policy, Planning & Compliance Director $189,504
Barry C. Faison Chief Financial Officer $184,064
Katherine E. Baskind Senior Investment Officer $183,002
Curtis M. Mattson Chief Administrative Officer $181,787
Perry A. Corsello Senior Investment Officer $178,733
Bryan Oliff Senior Investment Officer $176,610
Rory J. Badura Senior Staff Actuary $166,254
Denise Rasmussen Deputy Chief Technology and Security Officer $162,994
Jennifer P Schreck Audit Director $161,755
Leslie B. Weldon Controller $160,267
Warren Chang Senior Investment Officer-Real Assets $159,932
Deardrian B. Carver Chief Customer Relations Officer $158,643
Moses Maxfield Investment Officer $157,643
Kathryn A. Quiriconi Deputy Chief Financial Officer $156,106
Robert L. Irving Customer Services Director $150,000
Vera M. Pleasants Operations Manager $146,963
Krishnarao V. Dandamudi Program Manager $146,234
Shanta J. Harris Chief Customer Programs Offr $142,727
Brian Goodman Legal Affairs & Compliance Coordinator $141,982
Capri M. Stanley-Smith Human Resources Director $140,000
Laurie L. Nelson Compliance Manager $135,307
Kimberly J. Miklandric Functional Architect & Business Analysis Supervisor $135,000
Jeanne L. Chenault Public Relations Director $134,418
Anil D. Purmasir Manager-Business Solutions $131,591
Aaron D. Yarborough Principal Auditor-Data Retrieval & Analysis $127,760
Kelly L. Hiers Defined Cont Plan Administrator $126,912
Richard W. Brooks Investments Regulatory and Legal Officer $126,400
Sharon K. Martin DBA & Data Architect Supervisor $126,390
Michael J. Mcdaniel Manager-Information Security $126,306
Michael P. Cooper Chief Operating Officer $125,000
Sonja B. Korb Technology Project Mgmt Office & Release $123,588
Edward B. Norfleet Investment Officer $123,373
Trevor Dodson Manager Infrastructure $121,492
Otto H. Kretzer Senior IT Security Engineer $120,248
Timothy W. Moore Procurement Manager $120,227
Teresa Nguyen Fixed Income Investment Officer $120,000
Krystal M. Groff Principal Auditor-Data Retrieval & Analysis $118,800
Richard S. Rogness Solution Architect and Implementation Manager $118,515
Donna P. Whelan Software Development Manager $118,000