2016-17 State of Virginia employee salaries

University of Virginia Medical Center

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Total payroll$480,633,591
Median pay$54,038
Average pay$58,621
Highest individual pay$550,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Pamela M. Sutton-Wallace CEO-MC $550,000
Richard Skinner CEO-MC $462,959
William Terry Fulkerson CEO-MC $375,000
Douglas Edward Lischke Chief Financial Officer - HS $350,000
Michelle D. Hereford Comm Hosp & Post Acute Div $306,000
John W. Boswell CEO-MC $304,280
Patricia Cluff Hallmark CEO-MC $304,191
Mark Cyril Pulczinski Chief Financial Officer - HS $295,829
Charles D. Coder Novant $285,000
Jeffrey Wayne Keller EVP Office Administration $265,000
Thomas A. Harkins COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $251,841
Jody Kay Reyes COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $244,336
James Amato COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $243,886
Karen L. Forsman COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $237,140
Kimberlee Y. Daniels COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $225,000
Bush Bell COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $217,083
Karin Wilson Skeen COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $217,060
Margaret M. Smith Anesthesia CRNA's $215,932
Kevin E. Fox Fac Planning & Development $214,535
Rafael Saenz Clinical Ancillary Services $213,737
Robin Perry Parkin Phase II-Epic $212,160
Edward Jackson COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $210,000
Nicholas Mendyka CEO-MC $208,970
Michael G. Gelvin Heart Center $208,666
Robert Edward Lee Teaster COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $208,666
Raymond J. Lindsay Anesthesia CRNA's $208,000
Amanda Marie Gray Anesthesia CRNA's $208,000
Audris Veronica Ford HSHR Office Of Employee Rel $203,940
Thomas P. Saul COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $202,503
Kirk Willis Tanner Anesthesia CRNA's $202,280
Ronald E. Smith Anesthesia CRNA's $202,280
Kathy Jean Frase Anesthesia CRNA's $202,280
Nancy Joy Harrison Anesthesia CRNA's $202,280
Brent C. Mcghee Revenue Cycle Operations $200,850
Danielle A. Cote Anesthesia CRNA's $200,470
Lynne Davis Boyle Spec Advisor St/Fed Relations $200,000
Rebecca A. Lewis Patient Care Services $199,584
Steven Rabinowitz Anesthesia CRNA's $199,473
Leigh Thomas Williams Financial Information Systems $198,760
Teresa M. Haller Patient Care Services $198,683
Christopher Brett Mcmillan Phase II-Epic $198,645
Judith Kelley Benes Anesthesia CRNA's $197,444
Susan Carla Jackiewicz COO for Hospital and Clinic Op $194,750
Jodie A. Edwards Anesthesia CRNA's $194,063
Susan Lewis Chief Financial Officer - HS $193,556
Mark W. Monroe HSTS Admin $191,585
Margaret C. Short Continuum Administration $190,850
Beth Billett PT Friendly Access-UVAHS $190,000
Glenn Scott Wasson Analytics $189,837
Donna S. Via Patient Care Services $187,349
Barbara T. Post Internal Medicine Northridge $186,667
Charlotte L. Perkins EVP Office Administration $185,400
Dorothy T. Riley Anesthesia CRNA's $182,052
C. Ali Griffith Anesthesia CRNA's $181,906
Gary F. Cuccia Anesthesia CRNA's $181,320
Augustus Alexander Johnson Anesthesia CRNA's $180,103
Carol Ann Rosenberg TCV Perfusion $180,000
Jamie Ford Hughes Electronic Medical Records $179,668
Jeffrey C. Hackett Anesthesia CRNA's $178,320
Kelly Ann Perry Anesthesia CRNA's $178,291
Kimberly D. Holdren Controller'S Office $178,176
Eric Anthony Schmitz Chief Financial Officer - HS $176,964
Charles David Jones Anesthesia CRNA's $176,560
Barbara A. Acord Anesthesia CRNA's $173,097
Michael Reed Marquardt EVP Office Administration $172,527
Kirk E. Barbieri Heart Center $171,442
Lindsey Sites Anesthesia CRNA's $171,392
Suzanne Brown Hanson Anesthesia CRNA's $170,360
Corinne M. Skeens Financial Information Systems $170,326
Matthew T. Jenkins Pharmacy Administration $169,950
Margien Sara Cooley Anesthesia CRNA's $169,728
Donald Joseph Demarco Program Management Office $168,142
David William Childress Anesthesia CRNA's $167,019
Michelle W. Mccarthy Pharmacy Administration $166,504
Jennifer Ann Jamison Anesthesia CRNA's $166,400