2016-17 State of Virginia salaries / Senate of Virginia

(Name withheld)

Names withheld for employees making less than than the median salary.

2016-17 total compensation


Pay components:

% of Senate of Virginia median97%
Hire date1/1/1992


Office Expense — 21000; Additional income — 1500; Per Diem — 9212;

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NameTotal pay
Susan C. Schaar $195,500
Elizabeth B. Daley $170,250
Tara H. Perkinson $134,030
Richard E. Hickman $132,844
Michael P. Adams $123,420
Jonathan D. Palmore $118,768
April K. Arjona $117,500
Charlotte A. Mary $115,995
Sarah E. Herzog $115,862
Jason W. Powell $112,373
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