2016-17 State of Virginia employee salaries

Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

About Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Total payroll$2,233,733
Median pay$87,166
Average pay$88,058
Highest individual pay$156,748

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Harold E. Greer Director $156,748
Justin C. Brown Senior Associate Director $152,104
Erik R. Beecroft Chief Methodologist $135,035
Kimberly A. Sarte Associate Director for Ongoing Oversight and Fiscal Analysis $130,029
Tracey R. Smith Associate Director $111,384
Jeff S. Lunardi Principal Legislative Analyst $110,308
Paula C. Lambert Manager, Fiscal and Administrative Services & Senior Legisla $108,182
Ellen J. Miller Chief Economic Development and Quantitative Analyst $106,031
Mark R. Gribbin Principal Legislative Analyst $103,983
Jamie S. Bitz Chief Legislative Analyst $99,181
Christine D. Wolfe Senior Legislative Analyst $96,996
Drew B. Dickinson Principal Legislative Analyst $87,921
Kathleen Duvall Managing Editor for Publications $87,166
Joseph M. Mcmahon Principal Legislative Analyst for Ongoing Oversight and Fisc $80,543
Lauren W. Axselle Senior Legislative Analyst $73,656
Nathan A. Skreslet Information Graphics Designer $66,560
Betsy M. Jackson Organizational/Research Support Assistant $63,353
Maria E. Garnett Senior Associate Legislative Analyst $62,784
Liana M. Major Senior Associate Legislative Analyst $62,391
Nichelle S. Williams Senior Associate Legislative Analyst $60,538
Bridget E. Marcek Senior Associate Legislative Analyst $59,683
Sarah A. Berday-Sacks Senior Associate Legislative Analyst $58,043
Kate Agnelli Senior Associate Legislative Analyst $55,000
Nicholas A. Galvin Associate Legislative Analyst $53,249
Jordan Paschal Associate Legislative Analyst $52,865