2016-17 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Rail and Public Transportation

About Department of Rail and Public Transportation

Total payroll$4,516,950
Median pay$84,403
Average pay$88,567
Highest individual pay$163,935

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William Pittard Gen Admin Manager IV $163,935
Cheryl Openshaw Gen Admin Manager IV $153,000
Jennifer Mitchell Dir of Rail & Public Trans $147,900
Jennifer Debruhl Gen Admin Manager III $140,000
Peter Burrus Gen Admin Manager III $140,000
Sharmila Samarasinghe Gen Admin Manager II $138,959
Jeffery Horsley Prog Admin Specialist III $137,700
James Motley Gen Admin Manager III $124,087
Christopher Smith Policy Planning Manager III $115,000
Norman Deleon Architect/Engineer II $114,444
Teresa Brown Gen Admin Manager III $112,972
Rudolph Flowers Architect/Engineer II $112,212
Kurt Pastuszak Financial Services Manager II $110,978
Judith Gifford Gen Admin Manager III $106,606
Jitender Ramchandani Gen Admin Manager II $105,000
Christopher Arabia Policy Planning Manager II $97,769
Emily Stock Policy Planning Spec III $97,185
Michael Todd Prog Admin Specialist III $96,000
Richard Wells Info Technology Specialist III $93,128
Timothy Roseboom Policy Planning Spec III $92,127
Marie Berry Financial Services Manager II $91,239
Todd Hopkins Architect/Engineer II $90,153
Neil Sherman Prog Admin Specialist II $89,498
Jeremy Latimer Gen Admin Manager III $85,734
Linda Balderson Prog Admin Specialist III $84,403
Gabriel Ortiz Prog Admin Specialist II $81,094
Jason Cheeks Info Technology Specialist II $80,952
Donald Karabaich Auditor II $80,767
Patrice Strachan Prog Admin Specialist II $79,310
James Britton Policy Planning Spec III $77,418
Ashley Nusbaum Financial Services Manager II $76,151
Randall Selleck Prog Admin Specialist II $74,460
Ciara Williams Prog Admin Specialist II $73,683
Clinton Edwards Prog Admin Specialist II $73,120
Joli Huelskamp Info Technology Specialist II $72,386
Andrew Ennis Prog Admin Specialist II $71,500
Vanessa Harding Financial Services Spec II $70,079
Andrew Riddle Prog Admin Specialist II $70,000
Steven Hennessee Prog Admin Specialist II $69,182
Melissa Myers Procurement Officer II $65,013
Terry Caserta Financial Services Spec II $63,648
Jacob Joyner Financial Services Spec II $61,612
David Nigrelli Financial Services Spec I $60,976
Kathryn Schwing Policy Planning Spec II $59,690
Stephen Smiley Prog Admin Specialist III $55,672
Andrew Wright Policy Planning Spec I $55,000
(Name withheld) PR & Mktg Spec IV $50,000
(Name withheld) Financial Services Spec I $47,476
(Name withheld) Policy Planning Spec II $42,614
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec II $32,673
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $32,445