2016-17 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Military Affairs

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Total payroll$12,944,039
Median pay$40,810
Average pay$45,101
Highest individual pay$135,548

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Timothy Williams Adjutant General $135,548
Kevin Hendrix Info Technology Manager I $102,509
Donald Sutherland Financial Services Manager II $99,450
Edward Chicoine Prog Admin Manager III $91,800
Steven Lucy Info Technology Manager I $91,070
Walter Mercer Gen Admin Manager II $91,000
Frederick Schwartz Info Technology Specialist III $90,001
Michael Moran Info Technology Specialist III $85,762
Stephen Arthur Financial Services Manager I $85,705
William Conti Info Technology Specialist III $82,532
Geoffrey Fisher Architect/Engineering Mgr I $79,467
Edward Honeycutt Info Technology Specialist II $75,000
Charles Flippen Trades Manager II $74,378
David Short Trades Manager I $74,337
Kenneth White Policy Planning Spec I $72,237
Michael Alder Architect/Engineering Mgr I $71,000
Clint Bailey Architect/Engineer I $70,777
David Haghverdian Trades Technician IV $70,042
Sandra Ragan Gen Admin Supv II/Coord II $69,032
Pamela Coleman Environmental Manager I $68,920
Susan Smead Environmental Specialist II $68,920
Elizabeth Easter Procurement Manager II $67,714
Susan Corrigan Prog Admin Manager II $67,626
Richard Guzman Security Manager II $67,626
Dana Schilling Financial Services Spec II $67,200
Edward Newcomb Architect/Engineer I $66,921
John Palmore Financial Services Spec II $66,000
Derrick Hall Architect/Engineering Mgr II $65,955
Frederick Temple Trades Technician IV $65,870
Allen Liszeski Trades Technician IV $65,405
James Pridgen Financial Services Spec II $65,000
Michelle Claiborne Human Resource Manager I $64,006
James Rufo Policy Planning Spec II $63,750
Jeffrey Gibson Trades Manager I $63,000
Christina Barrille Policy Planning Manager II $62,255
Anthony Price Trades Manager I $62,192
Crystal Pendergrass Info Technology Specialist II $61,965
Kenneth Parrish Architect/Engineer I $60,343
Anthony Register Architect/Engineer I $60,180
Anthony Markel Trades Technician IV $60,150
Sheila Loftis Gen Admin Supv II/Coord II $59,143
Debra Putman Prog Admin Manager II $59,000
Kenneth Oristaglio Environmental Specialist II $58,770
James Wright Trades Technician IV $58,694
John Castle Financial Services Spec I $58,510
David Miller Info Technology Specialist I $58,050
James Edmonds Trades Technician IV $58,000
Brandon Martin Natural Resource Manager I $57,658
Robert Palmore Architect/Engineer I $57,514
Robert Watson Architect/Engineer I $56,307
Lacora Hurte Human Resource Analyst II $55,398
Marshall Forrest Architect/Engineer I $55,128
Jennifer Beck Prog Admin Specialist I $55,000
Matthew Thompson Environmental Specialist II $55,000
Mechelle Stone Environmental Specialist II $54,628
Michael Hurley Financial Services Spec I $54,302
William Bradford Trades Technician IV $54,110
Jennifer Donnell Environmental Specialist II $54,060
Will Holman Trades Technician IV $53,650
Ronald Mason Trades Technician IV $53,019
Nash Montgomery Prog Admin Specialist I $53,000
Michael Berry Emergency Coordinator Mgr I $52,966
Donald Knight Prog Admin Manager I $52,802
Kevin Cumbea Warehouse Manager I $52,785
Linwood Hoffman Info Technology Specialist II $52,020
Christine Hausammann Trainer and Instructor II $52,000
William Helton Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $51,612
Sheila Weaver Counselor II $51,487
Thomas Jones Transportation Operator III $51,252
Jennifer Jones Trainer and Instructor II $51,000
Rebecca Moses Compliance/Safety Officer III $50,991
Joshua Morgan Architect/Engineer I $50,640
Leonard Simpson Trades Technician III $50,500
Michael Wilde Trades Technician III $50,423
Linda Julian Procurement Officer I $50,423