2016-17 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Medical Assistance Services

About Department of Medical Assistance Services

Total payroll$29,253,986
Median pay$67,856
Average pay$70,832
Highest individual pay$198,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Katherine Neuhausen Physician Manager II $198,000
Cynthia Jones Dir of Medical Assistance Srvc $193,736
Linda Nablo Chief Deputy $169,694
Cheryl Roberts Gen Admin Manager III $159,150
Scott Crawford Gen Admin Manager III $158,472
Karen Kimsey Gen Admin Manager III $151,174
Suzanne Gore Gen Admin Manager III $150,368
Mukundan Srinivasan Info Technology Manager II $145,330
William Lessard Gen Admin Manager III $127,528
Seon Rockwell Gen Admin Manager III $125,000
Karen Stephenson Financial Services Manager III $122,637
Paul Kirtz Audit Services Manager III $122,335
Louis Elie Gen Admin Manager III $121,996
Bhaskar Mukherjee Policy Planning Manager II $121,844
Tamara Whitlock Gen Admin Manager III $121,686
Francis Guinan Info Technology Manager I $119,355
Terry Smith Gen Admin Manager III $116,581
Samuel Metallo Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr III $116,122
Tanyea Willis Financial Services Manager II $114,070
Brian Mccormick Gen Admin Manager III $112,925
Daniel Plain Gen Admin Manager III $112,483
Christopher Foca Procurement Manager III $112,244
Kathleen Guinan Human Resource Manager II $111,886
Timothy Merciez Financial Services Manager II $111,479
David Mix Info Technology Manager I $109,918
Donna Francioni-Proffitt Pharmacy Manager $109,419
Stefanie Papps Prog Admin Manager III $108,000
Linda Snow Info Technology Manager I $107,100
Christopher Brown Info Technology Manager I $106,533
Ivory Banks Gen Admin Manager III $105,708
Christopher Martin Prog Admin Manager III $105,000
Lacy Heiberger Prog Admin Manager III $105,000
Maryanne Paccione Prog Admin Manager III $104,614
Rajesh Krishnasamy Info Technology Manager I $104,040
James Rogers Info Technology Manager I $102,969
Douglas Hartman Info Technology Manager I $102,863
Adrienne Fegans Prog Admin Manager III $101,761
Tarakesh Nidumolu Financial Services Manager II $101,500
Lanette Walker Gen Admin Manager III $101,200
Craig Markva Gen Admin Manager II $100,254
Michael Jones Info Technology Specialist III $99,632
Jack Quigley Policy Planning Manager II $99,121
Theresa Fleming Emergency Coordinator Mgr II $98,488
Gagandeep Singh Info Technology Specialist III $98,318
Shelley Platt Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr III $97,245
Cynthia Olson Policy Planning Manager II $97,121
Daniel Sullivan Info Technology Specialist III $96,900
Jack Andrews Info Technology Specialist III $96,741
Jessie Bell Gen Admin Manager II $95,500
Thomas Hogan Info Technology Specialist III $95,000
David Jones Human Resource Analyst III $94,583
Scott Cannady Policy Planning Spec II $94,193
Tambara Driscoll Prog Admin Manager III $93,721
John Stanwix Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr II $93,474
Mary Hairston Financial Services Manager II $93,181
Rachel Cain Pharmacist I $93,142
Keith Hayashi Pharmacist I $93,142
Ann Bevan Prog Admin Manager III $92,820
Christopher Banaszak Procurement Manager II $92,616
Rhonda Newsome Policy Planning Spec II $92,543
Tanya Williams Prog Admin Manager III $92,500
Judith Bush Info Technology Specialist III $91,800
Michael Paccione Info Technology Specialist III $91,800
Madhu Narayanan Info Technology Specialist III $91,800
Robert Chapman Policy Planning Manager II $91,685
Kenneth Martin Info Technology Specialist III $91,290
George Collins Financial Services Manager II $90,891
Elizabeth Guggenheim Assistant Attorney General III $90,800
Jennifer Gobble Assistant Attorney General III $90,800
Nolan Wilson Policy Planning Manager II $90,346
Sanjay Mulay Info Technology Specialist III $90,229
James Flippen Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr III $90,002
James Walker Financial Services Spec III $90,000
Carla Russell Info Technology Specialist III $90,000
Gregory Lewis Info Technology Specialist III $89,233