2016-17 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired

About Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Total payroll$14,197,533
Median pay$41,400
Average pay$44,646
Highest individual pay$114,945

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Raymond Hopkins Comm f/t Blind & Vis Impaired $114,945
Matthew Koch Gen Admin Manager II $107,490
Richard Mitchell Gen Admin Manager II $104,283
Anna Ferguson VIB Specialist/Manager $101,681
Wallica Gaines Gen Admin Manager II $92,910
Pamelia Hinterlong Prog Admin Manager II $90,000
Ronald Reck Gen Admin Manager II $90,000
Hugh Costley Financial Services Spec II $89,419
John Bednar VIB Specialist/Manager $89,229
Melody Roane Prog Admin Manager II $89,216
Michael Zaryczny VIB Specialist/Manager $86,500
Alcinda Sager Procurement Manager II $85,000
Jane Solomon Prog Admin Specialist II $84,890
William Prescott VIB Specialist/Manager $84,356
Barbara Mccarthy Prog Admin Manager II $83,500
Kimberley Jennings Prog Admin Manager II $81,625
Timothy Brown Prog Admin Manager II $80,952
Susan Payne Policy Planning Spec II $80,927
Xavier Trimiew Prog Admin Manager II $78,434
Brooke Rogers Prog Admin Specialist II $78,030
Bradley Miles Architect/Engineer I $77,256
Cynthia Roberts PR & Mktg Mgr II $77,215
Waun Priest VIB Specialist/Manager $76,687
Luis Lebron VIB Specialist/Manager $74,907
Caren Phipps Prog Admin Specialist II $74,714
Margaret Fields Architect/Engineer I $74,256
Donna Cox Prog Admin Manager II $74,000
Jesse Hairston Trades Manager I $73,967
Duncan Munro VIB Specialist/Manager $73,534
Marjorie Owens Prog Admin Specialist II $73,445
Gregory Chittum Trainer and Instructor II $73,442
Amy Phelps Prog Admin Specialist II $73,065
Melanie Hughes Trainer and Instructor II $72,854
Ricky Bradley Counselor II $72,361
Kimberly Ladd Registered Nurse I $72,000
Van Mcpherson Prog Admin Manager II $71,756
Nancy Quisenberry Info Technology Specialist I $71,436
David Showers VIB Specialist/Manager $70,336
Ansha Tang Counselor II $69,827
Ann Banton Policy Planning Spec II $69,234
Stephen Ferguson Trainer and Instructor II $68,858
John Hall Trainer and Instructor II $68,377
Patricia Thomas Prog Admin Manager II $68,256
Denise Walker Prog Admin Specialist I $67,626
Patricia Harris Prog Admin Specialist II $67,320
Charles Surratt Architect/Engineer I $66,988
Lisa Tays Trainer and Instructor II $66,947
Daniel Aunspach Info Technology Specialist II $66,602
Tracy Deluca Prog Admin Specialist I $66,500
Denise Stuck Counselor II $66,495
Jayne Meekings Trainer and Instructor II $65,692
Bruce Rudd Trainer and Instructor II $65,634
Norton Richman Trainer and Instructor II $65,161
Valery Herring Trainer and Instructor II $65,000
Ray Bowie Trainer and Instructor II $64,505
Shirleen Demoss Counselor II $64,367
Liang Liao Prog Admin Manager II $64,187
Angela Moran Trainer and Instructor II $63,600
Deborah Collard Policy Planning Spec II $63,599
Lisa Auwarter Prog Admin Specialist I $63,379
James Carroll Counselor II $63,197
Kathy Malone Prog Admin Manager II $62,944
Michael Thelk Prog Admin Manager II $62,763
Winston Pollard Architect/Engineer I $62,723
Meg Walker Trainer and Instructor II $62,114
Paul Thomas Procurement Officer I $62,064
Latoya Mack Counselor II $61,093
Henry Street Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $61,083
Mark Bragg Trainer and Instructor II $60,453
Rebecca Keller Trainer and Instructor II $60,114
Christopher Opichka Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $60,000
Dennis Helms Trainer and Instructor II $59,543
Jamie Warner VIB Specialist/Manager $59,348
Kristine Foley Counselor II $59,297
Elizabeth Spiers Prog Admin Specialist II $59,277