2016-17 local government employee salaries


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Total payroll$8,499,200
Median pay$41,008
Average pay$47,481
Highest individual pay$158,600

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Thatagupa K. Somanath Chief Executive Officer $158,600
Marcia A. Davis Chief Real Estate Officer $125,000
Carol A. Jones-Gilbert Chief Operating Officer $125,000
Lawrence H. Pearson General Counsel $125,000
Stacey L. Daniels-Fayson Controller $110,937
Michael G. Hammonds Director of Information Technology $98,273
Charles Reynolds Systems Analyst $91,051
Grace A. Lewis Program Manager (Adult Services) $91,051
Daniel A. Hutchinson Senior Project Manager $91,051
Darnell L. Jackson Senior Project Manager $90,000
Karen Jones Director of Human Resources $90,000
Charles Williams Director of Public Housing $88,824
Tiffany C. Ford Director of Procurement & Contract Admin $83,000
Desi L. Wynter Senior Project Manager $83,000
Carlos D. Spruill Director of Maintenance Operations $82,580
Robert S. Spain Dir of Construction Proj & Contract Mgmt $82,376
Linda K. Brydie Finance Reporting Manager $78,000
Angelina E. Bey-Lucas Property Manager $74,185
Lucinda M. Horsey Finance Manager $73,226
Tammy L. Grubb Supervisor - HCVP $71,451
Robert J. Jenkins HVAC/Instr & Cntrl System Engineer $68,220
Donald L. Mullins Construction Project Manager $67,632
Calandra M. Trotter Housing Compliance Officer $66,329
William T. Gary HVAC Supervisor $65,000
Kerry L. James Management Analyst $65,000
Terry Campbell Maintenance Supervisor $64,706
Luis A. Crespo Maintenance Supervisor $64,673
Arthur Moody Maintenance Supervisor $63,934
Milton C. Connor Maintenance Supervisor $62,738
Jacquelyn Salaam-Hicks Sr. Tech Support Spec $62,354
Ralph W. Stuckey Resident Program Specialist $61,334
Priscilla L. Jackson Executive Administrative Assistant $61,334
Michael Winstead Sr. Instr & Control Sys Tech $61,334
Lucien P. Graves Electrician $60,836
Dalton R. Fonville Contract Officer $60,781
Stephenie D. Horton Property Manager $60,000
Chantal Hanol Arnassan Senior Accountant $59,000
Charles Edmonds Maintenance Supervisor $58,591
Clementine H. Robinson Property Manager $58,559
Eric R. Valle Maintenance Supervisor $57,576
Kevin B. Myers Facilities Supervisor $57,045
John D. Powell Maintenance Supervisor $56,360
Cynthia J. Chisholm Property Manager $55,106
Elaine Jackson Hsg Standards Inspec. Supervisor $55,000
Barbara L. Fields-Campbell Property Manager $54,455
Tiffany M. Christopher Human Resources Administrator $53,670
Pamela N. Davis Kearney Property Manager $51,712
Suresh K. Batra Accountant $51,654
Diane L. Mosby Property Manager $51,500
William G. Curwen Hsg Standards Inspector $51,000
Eliza M. Stokes Resident Services Coordinator $50,943
Wanda E. Daniel Resident Services Coordinator $50,491
Leondra B. Turner Executive Administrative Assistant $50,015
Tianna L. Wooldridge Senior Accountant $50,000
Angelo L. Pascale Maintenance Supervisor $49,547
Nathan E. Tyler Maintenance Supervisor $48,510
Joakima D. Fisher Assistant Housing Manager $48,329
Patricia A. Barner-Lewis Office Support Supervisor $48,278
Enjonee P. Payne Program Eligiblity Supervisor $47,340
Gail S. Hosfeld Executive Administrative Assistant $47,000
Earnest Edmonds Senior Maintenance Specialist $46,745
(Name withheld) Senior Maintenance Specialist $46,438
(Name withheld) Senior HVAC Mechanic $46,169
(Name withheld) Assistant Housing Manager $45,759
(Name withheld) Assistant Housing Manager $45,759
(Name withheld) Procurement Compliance Officer $45,526
(Name withheld) Resident Services Coordinator $45,323
(Name withheld) Maintenance Specialist $45,271
(Name withheld) Labor And Trades Foreman $45,144
(Name withheld) Maintenance Specialist $45,117
(Name withheld) Family Self Sufficiency Specialist $45,000
(Name withheld) Executive Administrative Assistant $45,000
(Name withheld) Senior HVAC Mechanic $45,000
(Name withheld) Resident Services Coordinator $44,805
(Name withheld) Real Estate Specialist $44,693