2016-17 local government employee salaries

Petersburg Schools

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Total payroll$25,156,997
Median pay$44,626
Average pay$43,299
Highest individual pay$275,375

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Marcus Newsome Superintendent $275,375
Jafar Baraka Interim Principal $175,487
Cyndee Blount Chief Academic Officer $135,001
Ann Ifekwunigwe Executive Director Of Student Success $135,000
Shauna Mayo Assistant Principal $109,563
April Blunt Director Of State & Federal Programs $104,000
Anthony Walker Director Of Student Services $103,488
Shelly Bazemore Director Of Human Resources $101,452
Kori Reddick Principal-Elementary $100,935
Nancy Alvarez Director Of Technology $93,816
Alicia Fields Principal - High School $93,053
Noah Rogers History Teacher $91,470
Barbara Patterson Supervisor Of Westview/Ecec $88,142
Brandie Pitt Title I Instructional Specialist $84,626
Roosevelt Charles Jrotc Instructor $84,130
Tracy Stith-Johnson Principal-Elementary $83,640
Belinda Urquhart Principal-Elementary $83,203
Kim Allen Career Pathways Coordinator $82,799
Donna Fields-Duvall Director Of Business And Finance $80,417
Gwendolyn Price Testing Supervisor $80,252
Sinclair Harris Interim Principal $79,713
Leigh Ann Mckelway Public Information Officer $77,220
Angelia Thorpe Head Start Coordinator $76,854
Jeanne Maclin Practical Nursing Program Coordinator $76,674
Russell Lawrence Supervisor Of School Faciiities $76,475
Wiiiiam Lawson Athletic Director $75,434
Andrew Spencer Pupii Transportation Manager $74,907
Jerome Coleman Speech And Language Pathologist $74,195
Stephannie Crutchfield Assistant Principal $73,927
Stephanie Harvell Gifted And Talented Coordinator $72,240
Cynthia Hawkes Middle School Guidance Counselor $71,602
Helen Allen-Taylor Title I Instructional Specialist $71,359
Brandon Jones Youth Development & Famiiy Engagement Supervisor $71,000
Jannette Duhart Esl Coordinator $70,177
Brenda Shelton Title I Instructional Specialist $70,002
Yvonne Brandon Director Of Operations $70,000
Brenda Green Administrative Support Specialist $69,778
Stacie Parham Assistant Principal $69,602
Bennetta Washington Parental Liaison Specialist $69,300
Danielle Davis Coordinator Of Alternative Programs $69,299
Burnie Branch Health And Physical Education Teacher $69,121
Lorna Caines School Social Worker $68,830
Anthony Cheeseboro Jrotc Instructor $68,337
Ahmara Perkins Title I Reading Specialist $67,586
Janet Wright Assistant Principal $67,431
Sharry Carpenter Mathematics Teacher (8Th) $67,302
Margaret Bishop Assistant Principal $65,671
Arelisa Powell Title I Division Resource Teacher $65,363
Nkechi Mbagwu Famiiy And Consumer Science Teacher $65,115
Michelle Bensen School Psychologist $64,329
Jacqueline Tucker Lpn Instructor $64,051
Torrey Manson Special Education Coordinator $64,032
Robin Cox Supervisor Of Nursing Services $63,704
Constance Jones Secondary School Guidance Counselor $63,697
Bobbie Anderson Elementary School Guidance Counselor $63,378
Dava Allen-Miller Assistant Principal-Elementary 11 $63,318
Melissa Scherb Title I Instructional Specialist $61,863
Charles Wiiiiams Buiiding Trades Teacher $61,360
Richelle Hines Student Information Support Technician $61,315
Nicole Agee Vpi Plus Grant Coach $61,162
Kay Harper Vpi Pre-Kindergarten Teacher $60,417
Emerlina Binuya Alternative Math Teacher $60,242
Rosa Hobson Title I Instructional Specialist $60,084
Keith Price Health And Physical Education Teacher $59,880
Eunice Johnson Business/Keyboarding Teacher $59,880
Donna Lundy Music Teacher $59,542
Cheryl Bonner Transition Coordinator $59,462
Harvey Jones Fifth Grade Teacher $59,316
Shawnrica James Mathematics Teacher (6Th) $59,316
Michelle Diiiard Kindergarten Teacher $59,013
Monique Tucker English Teacher (7Th) $59,013
Leticia Walton Special Education Teacher (8Th) $58,958
Rita Bibbins Librarian $58,918
Bobby Shockley Assistant Principal $58,896
Larry Martin Life Science Teacher (7Th) $58,680