2016-17 local government employee salaries

Henrico County Schools

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Total payroll$289,285,825
Median pay$46,288
Average pay$44,739
Highest individual pay$217,486

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Patrick C. Kinlaw Superintendent of Schools $217,486
Beth N. Teigen Assistant Superintendent for Instruction $155,659
Regina V. Schwab Principal Elementary $142,616
Albert M. Ciarochi Asst Superintendent for Operations $139,312
Nyah Donnielle Hamlett Asst Superintendent for Instructional Support $136,084
William Brian Bowen Asst Superintendent for Finance $135,234
Amanda A. Baker Director of Human Resources $129,040
Charles Joshua Davis Director of Pupil Transportation $129,040
Mac Raiford Beaton Director Career & Technical Educ $126,842
Sharlene A. Wrenn Director of School Internal Audit $126,842
Michelle K. Mcqueen Williams Director of Elementary Education $126,842
Paul Lenard Carper Director Construction & Maintenance $126,050
Ingrid G. Grant Director of Middle School Education $123,903
Mary E. Cox Director of Elementary Education $123,903
Gwen Elizabeth Miller Principal High $123,903
Pamela Banks Bell Principal High $123,903
Omega W. Wilson Director of High School Education $123,903
Donald Edward Large Senior Capital Projects Manager $123,903
Nancy Elizabeth Jones Oltjenbruns Asst Director of Human Resources $121,032
William R. Hall Director of Elementary Education $121,032
Theodore Durniak Principal Elementary $118,228
Ann Marie Seely Principal High $115,488
Robert Craig Lowerre Principal High $115,488
Leonard G. Pritchard Principal High $115,488
Andrew Patrick Mey Principal High $114,767
Cheryl Lynn Guempel Principal Middle $112,812
Tiffany S. Hinton Director of Research and Planning $112,812
Jesse Mccartney Casey Principal High $112,812
Brian Edward Maddox Director of Technology $112,108
Stephen Glynn Castle Director of School Improvement and Prof Developmen $112,108
Paul E. Llewellyn Principal Middle $110,198
Arthur G. Raymond Principal Middle $110,198
Robert J. Moose Principal Middle $110,198
William T. Noel Dir of Student Support & Discpl Rvw $109,511
Donice Jean Davenport Director Except Educ & Support Serv $109,511
Robert A. Turpin Principal High $107,645
Leigh R. Dunavant Principal High $107,645
Karin G. Castillo-Rose Principal High $107,645
Mahesh Kumar Facilities Engineer $107,645
Peggy K. Gordon Director School Nutrition Services $107,645
Michael Robert Worthington IT Manager II $106,973
Linda K. Thompson Asst Director of School Improvement & Prof Develop $105,151
Kimberly G. Sigler Principal Middle $105,151
Debra R. Hargrave Director of Budget $105,151
Valerie P. Gooss Education Spec Foreign Language $105,151
Brian P. Fellows Principal Middle $105,151
Yvonne B. Fawcett Education Spec School Improvement $105,151
Beverly B. Allen Hardy Principal Elementary $105,151
Carl Broughton Brown Information Tech Project Leader $104,495
Solomon Wilder Jefferson Principal Middle $104,495
Thomas W. Jeremiah HS Student Activities Director $103,700
Carol Anne K. Simopoulos Education Specialist Elementary $102,714
Patrick Kenneth Murphy Asst Director Construction & Maint $102,714
Thomas H. Mcauley Principal Middle $102,714
Gail S. Jones Director Federal Programs $102,714
Michael Anthony Jackson Principal Middle $102,714
Ann M. Greene Principal Middle $102,714
Catherine Hott Durvin Education Specialist Research $102,714
Richard Bowen Butler Associate Principal High $102,714
Charles E. Brock Exceptional Education Coordinator $102,714
Nicholas P. Barlett Principal Middle $102,714
Tracie A. Weston Education Spec Staff Development $102,714
Dominique Nicole Friend Principal Middle $102,073
Katina W. Otey Principal Elementary $100,334
Markham Hall Tyler Principal Elementary $100,334
Kourtney D. Bostain Assistant Director of Instructional Technology $100,334
Andrea Lou Prisco Principal Elementary $100,334
Andrew James Jenks Director of Communications and Public Relations $99,708
Cynthia W. Patterson Principal Elementary $98,010
Beatrice F. Mcleod School Counselor High $98,010
Amy H. Hand Principal Elementary $98,010
Susan Jean Grainer Education Spec Exceptional Educ $98,010
Kimber L. Coffey Education Spec Exceptional Educ $98,010
Eric T. Armbruster Principal Elementary $98,010
Sharron P. Archer Foster Care Liaison $98,010