2016-17 local government employee salaries

Dinwiddie County Schools

About Dinwiddie County Schools

Total payroll$25,453,443
Median pay$45,171
Average pay$41,658
Highest individual pay$174,443

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William Clark Superintendent $174,443
Karl Weston Assistant Superindent of?Instruction $118,842
Randall Johnson Principal $104,556
Jason Chandler Principal $93,698
Cheryl Perkins Director of Human Resources $90,530
Rebecca Tilson Assistant Principal $88,350
Timothy Ampy Director of TechnoloQV $87,893
Yardley Farquharson Director of Assessments and Student Services $86,389
Davis Roberts Principal $85,778
Christie Clarke Director of Instructional TechnoloQV & Staff Development $85,333
Edward Tucker Director of Tranporatation $84,843
Tamara Oliver Principal $83,913
Carolyn Powell Principal $83,280
Paige Hannon Director of Elementary Education and Title I $82,848
Royal Gurley Director of Special Education $81,491
Wanda Snodgrass Principal $81,487
James Davis Director of School Facility Operations $79,971
Penny Brooks Principal $78,499
Dawn Cater Teacher $77,287
Jeanne Minetree Librarian $77,227
Carly Woolfolk Director of Secondary Education and CareerlTechnical Educati $75,817
John Thompson Guidance Counselor $75,808
Georgia Thompson Librarian $75,791
Tamara Colbert Teacher $73,803
Lottie Ampy School Psychologist $73,570
Billy Mills Teacher $72,459
Randy Bullock Teacher $71,902
Sally Rainey Teacher $71,902
Amber Brown Assistant Principal $71,837
Melissa Vonpoks Assistant Principal $71,837
Toni Wynn Assistant Director of?Technology $71,515
Martha Fauntleroy Teacher $71,435
Carey Athey Director of School Nutrition Services $71,053
Daniel Rapp Guidance Counselor $70,517
Virginia Crane Teacher $70,379
Nellie Kee Teacher $70,379
Denise Painter Teacher $70,379
Jeffrey Walters Student Activites Director $69,747
Jon I Arnott Librarian $69,120
Cheryl Davis Teacher $69,074
Christie Fleming Director of?Finance $68,985
Gayle Martin Teacher $68,478
Cheryl Sherron Teacher $68,478
Roberta Morgan Teacher $68,478
Brooke Hirsh School Psychologist $68,351
Charles Moss Assistant Principal $68,204
Bonnie Gholson Executive Assistant?I?School Board Clerk $67,968
Rhonda Turner Assistant Principal $67,744
Gerald Williams Coordinator of Technology $67,416
Pamela Fields Coordinator Special Education $67,364
Melvin Croll School Psychologist $66,686
Rebecca Meier Teacher $66,151
June Pate Teacher $65,978
Kimberly Partin Assistant Principal $65,772
Heather Clay Assistant Principal $65,772
Eileen Schroeder Teacher $65,695
Cynthia Blaha Teacher $65,007
Stacy Whitt Teacher $64,526
Diane Hawkins Teacher $64,250
Kimberly Taylor Teacher $64,250
Rhonda Gay Guidance Counselor $64,198
Betty Spiers Teacher $63,769
Charles Wells Coordinator of Benefits $63,546
Charlene Hofler Teacher $63,354
Lorraine Campbell Teacher $62,836
Brenda Austin Finance OfficerlPurchasing Agent $62,666
Barbara Hale Occupational Therapist $62,610
Mary Stech Teacher $62,002
Leisa Moore Teacher $62,002
Walter Pittman Teacher $61,699
Donna West Teacher $61,453
Elizabeth Miller Teacher $61,453
Alan Richie Teacher $61,367
Sarah Abernathy Teacher $60,823
Patricia Lee-Ellis Guidance Counselor $60,750