2016-17 local government employee salaries

City of Richmond Schools

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Total payroll$157,970,251
Median pay$47,580
Average pay$47,324
Highest individual pay$237,579

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Dana T. Bedden Superintendent $237,579
Andrea M. Kane Associate Superintendent Acade $160,681
Thomas E. Kranz Assistant Superintendent Suppo $153,389
Thomas D. Myers Assistant Superintendent Finan $153,389
Abe E. Jeffers Executive Director Secondary $142,366
Anthony W. Leonard Executive Director Elementary $133,432
Darlene L. Currie Director Of Professional Devel $125,311
Gregory P. Muzik Principal $121,049
Linda S. Bradford Director $120,230
Wayne D. Scott Manager School Improvement $118,273
Lynn G. Bragga Director $117,227
Nancy M. Holmes Principal $117,011
Michelle Boyd Executive Director Except Ed/S $116,872
Kavansa K. Gardner Executive Director Icts $116,447
James A. Brown Principal $115,051
Candice J. Hunter Chief Of Staff $112,953
Nathan M. Sparks Director $110,468
Aaron L Dixon Instructional Specialist $109,181
Angela R. Anderson Senior Budget Planning Analyst $106,525
William H. Holt Teacher 230 Days $106,294
Ernestine E. Scott Director Federal Programs K-12 $105,636
Wanda H. Payne Director $105,407
Cassandra D. Harris Manager Operations And Support $105,093
Juanita L Nicholson Coordinator $104,399
Regina L. Farr Principal $103,524
Daisy D. Greene Principal $103,524
Shelia D. Hines Assistant Principal High 216 D $103,242
Robin Dalton Hearing Officer $102,385
Robert J. Gilstrap Principal $101,634
Thomas B. King Assistant Director $101,628
William D. Waller Coordinator Of Media And Techn $101,037
Jacqueline H. Zich Assistant Principal Elementary $100,913
David A. Hudson Principal $100,447
Sherry L. Wharton Principal $100,297
Hollee R. Freeman Director $100,201
Darlene M. Smith Instructional Specialist $99,131
Floyd A. Miles Director Of Transportation $98,381
Monique C. Yates Manager Data/Decision Support $98,104
Trudy J. Watkins Teacher 260 Days $97,739
Charles T. Ward Director Of Purchasing $97,550
Timothy L. Mallory Chief Safety And Security $97,381
Deberry Goodwin Principal $96,919
Linda L Sims Principal $96,552
Susan D. Roberson Director School Nutrition Serv $96,510
Charles R. Thornton Director Of Army Instruction $96,175
Virginia F. Loving Principal $95,844
Janet M. Hall-Lane Assistant Principal Elementary $95,567
Barbara Smith Director Career Technical Educ $95,447
William A. Royal Principal $95,285
Reva M. Green Principal $95,189
Valerie F. Dupree Senior Human Resources Coordin $94,567
Zenia T. Burnett Director $94,274
Akeda L. Pearson-Stenbar Coordinator Professional Devel $94,274
Ruby B. Jackson Guidance Counselor 230 Days $94,066
Denna R. Joy Social Worker 230 Days $94,066
Herman S. Mizell Interim Exec Director School I $93,284
Phyllis D. Gardner Coordinator Of Media And Techn $93,124
Charles N. Ponton Senior Network Engineer $92,992
Kennete Lee-Anderson Principal $92,538
Ella C. Rodgers Coordinator $92,484
Sonya Y. Howell Accounting Manager Finance Ope $92,416
Decardra L Jackson Director Testingiassess Litera $92,229
Lashante C. Knight Principal $91,903
Norris 0. Brickhouse Teacher Military Jrotc 261 Day $91,746
Shannon S. Mccall Instructional Grants Special'S $91,239
Beverly S. Mountain Instructional Specialist $91,180
Kenita D. Bowers Communication Officer $91,050
April K. Hawkins-Jones Principal $91,047
Audrey W. Cypress Teacher 230 Days $90,704
Belinda R. Coleman Teacher 260 Days $90,175
Rachel A. Morrissey Regional Program Manager Adult $90,076
Sui K. Woo Teacher 230 Days $89,584
Sheron D. Carter-Gunter Principal Franklin Military $89,497
Alfred A. Vann Ii Senior Social Worker $89,269
Daniela S. Jacobs Principal $89,248