2016-17 local government employee salaries

Chesterfield County

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Total payroll$183,429,125
Median pay$48,183
Average pay$54,076
Highest individual pay$241,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Joseph P. Casey Jr. County Administrator $241,000
Allen Yee Physician $227,313
Jeffrey L. Mincks County Attorney $220,000
William W. Davenport Commonwealth Attorney $207,439
Asha Mishra Psychiatrist $203,610
Gary D. Mcgowan Physician $201,699
Radhika Iram Sr. Psychiatrist $190,740
Sarah C. Snead Deputy County Administrator $190,724
Thierry G. Dupuis Police Chief $189,938
William D. Dupler Deputy County Administrator $188,786
Mantovani Gay Physician $182,623
Henry G. Hart Director Of Economic Dev $181,050
Edward L. Senter Jr. Fire Chief $180,958
Barry S. Condrey Chief Information Officer $176,746
Scott W. Zaremba Deputy County Administrator $175,000
Maria A.A. Catolico Psychiatrist $173,400
Joan P. Han Psychiatrist $170,131
Allan M. Carmody Director Of Finance $169,164
Louis G. Lassiter Deputy County Administrator $165,000
George B. Hayes Director Of Utilities $156,981
Patsy J. Brown Director Of Accounting $154,456
Stylian P. Parthemos Deputy County Attorney $150,188
Jonathan P. Davis Director Of Real Estate Assess $149,804
Kenneth E. Nickels Chief Deputy Commonwealth Atty $148,754
Mary M. Selby Director Of Human Resources $148,140
Deborah O. Burcham Exe Director Community Svs Brd $145,414
Gregory L. Akers Director Of Internal Audit $144,018
Wendy S. Hughes Clerk Of Circuit Court $143,035
Karl S. Leonard Sheriff $142,447
Kirkland A. Turner Director Of Planning $140,309
Scott B. Smedley Director Of Env Engineering $138,071
Michael R. Mabe Director Of Library Services $137,651
Paul C. Bowles Director Of General Services $136,761
Michael S. Chernau Sr. Assistant County Attorney $136,119
David W. Robinson Sr. Assistant County Attorney $134,881
Joseph W. Pugh Jr. IT Manager III $133,572
Charles M. Pond IT Manager III $133,183
James D. Worsley Director Of Parks & Recreation $133,000
Richard C. Witt Director Of Bldg Inspections $132,266
Michael H. Dance Asst Dir Of Accounting $129,834
Jesse W. Smith Iv Director Of Transportation $128,198
Michael P. Kozak Sr. Assistant County Attorney $128,057
Kevin W. Bruny Dir Learning & Performance Ctr $127,786
James R. Banks Asst Dir Of Transportation $127,428
Richard C. Edinger Deputy Fire Chief $127,244
Dennis H. Duncan Deputy Commonwealth Attorney $124,868
Larry S. Hogan Deputy Commonwealth Attorney $124,848
Daniel W. Kelly Deputy Police Chief $124,673
Tara A. Mcgee Sr. Assistant County Attorney $123,875
Carey A. Adams Chief Deputy Treasurer $122,593
Cynthia B. Smith Director Of Risk Management $122,475
Nancy P. Tickle IT Manager II $122,414
Richard F. Troshak Ii Director Of Emergency Comm $122,400
Julie A.C. Seyfarth Sr. Assistant County Attorney $122,120
Donna M. Arrington Asst Dir Of Accounting $121,519
Jeffery L. Jeter General Svs Division Mgr $121,451
Karen A. Aylward Asst Dir Of Economic Dev $121,237
Brian C. Smith Deputy Police Chief $120,749
Jeffery L. Franklin Asst Dir Of Utilities $120,665
Sherry L. Hankins IT Specialist IV $120,214
Christopher M. Harris Director Of Budget & Mgmt $120,000
Lakshminarayana V. Kukkala IT Specialist III $117,565
John W. Harmon Real Property Manager $117,001
Donald E. Newton Jr. Sheriff Chief Deputy $116,079
James E. Fitch Ii Assistant Fire Chief $115,676
Preetinder S. Shokar IT Specialist IV $115,632
Richard A. Meili Jr. IT Specialist III $115,492
Glenwood E. Carr Jr. Non-Classified $115,260
Robert D. Cox IT Specialist IV $114,708
James R. Dawson Jr. Assistant Fire Chief $114,617
David S. Parrott Battalion Chief $113,882
Robert E. Lukhard Assistant Fire Chief $113,797
Susan L. Medeiros-Cranshaw Assistant Director MHSS $113,511
Michael A. Nannery Asst Dir Of Utilities $113,474
Thomas M. Mckenna Deputy Commonwealth Attorney $113,064