2016-17 local government employee salaries

Charles City County Schools

About Charles City County Schools

Total payroll$5,074,995
Median pay$43,926
Average pay$42,647
Highest individual pay$140,427

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
David Gaston Superintendent $140,427
Lynda Byrd-Poller Director Of Human Resources $92,911
Tina Smith Director Of Special Education $91,890
Wendy Cauley Director Of Teaching, Leqarning And Accountability $91,890
Sue Salg Director Of Finance $89,848
Panagiotis Tsigaridas High School Principal $85,764
Edward Van Dyke Principal $79,000
Jerome Tyler High School Asst Principal/Teacher $73,512
Charles Birdsong JROTC Instructor $69,521
Marcus Petty Sr. Assistant Principal $68,761
Heather Kennedy Assistant Principal $65,000
Arlinda Hairston Elementary Guidance Counselor $61,113
Steward Greene Jrotc $60,169
John Christian Health/Physical HS $55,339
Nora Adkins Mathematics Middle School $53,992
Molly Bacigal Elementary Teacher $53,992
Albert Ghee Lead Driver $53,513
Alex Salas High School Principles Of Technology $53,215
Dana Tyler Grade V History Teacher $53,215
Anne Baron Title I Reading $53,167
Frances Perry-Smith Pre K Teacher $52,706
Betty Klein Teacher $51,206
Beatrice Banks Payroll/Benefits Spec. $51,000
Gary Johnson Waste Water Maintenance Helper $50,804
Shalisa Harrison School Psychologist $50,388
Pauline Haswell High Special Education Teacher $49,984
Jennifer Richardson Instructional Technology Resource Teacher $49,922
Thasia Bradley Elementary School Reading Teacher $49,488
Edna Moody Elementary School Nurse $49,041
James Arul Raj Packiam Pillai High School Chemistry/Ecology Algebra $49,041
Stephanie Leek Social Worker $49,008
Sheila Wooden Nurse $48,998
Brenda Hawkins High School English Teacher $48,998
Lisa Allmond History Teacher $48,109
Antony Xavier High School Earth Science/Ecology Teacher $48,109
Lisa Raponi-Davis Secretary To The Superintendent $47,905
Kristina Williams Elementarty Special Ed Teacher $47,009
Valerie Zeoli Middle School Special Education $46,970
Laura Richardson Strive/Gifted Teacher $46,970
Cheryl Ghee Special Education High School $46,970
(Name withheld) High School Band Teacher $46,429
(Name withheld) Teacher $46,391
(Name withheld) Grade 1 Teacher $46,079
(Name withheld) Technology High School $46,079
(Name withheld) French Teacher HS $46,079
(Name withheld) Elementary Music Teacher $45,705
(Name withheld) Elementary Grade 1 $45,640
(Name withheld) History Teacher $45,640
(Name withheld) Grade 11 Teacher $45,640
(Name withheld) Librarian-High School/Middle School $45,252
(Name withheld) Teacher $45,205
(Name withheld) High School Special Ed Teacher $45,205
(Name withheld) Health And Physical Education-Middle School $45,205
(Name withheld) Elementary Acting Asst Principal $45,205
(Name withheld) Special Education High School $44,361
(Name withheld) Grade Iv Language Arts $44,361
(Name withheld) High School Guidance Counselor $44,175
(Name withheld) Elementary Teacher Grade 3 $43,926
(Name withheld) High School Special Education $43,926
(Name withheld) High School English Teacher $43,926
(Name withheld) Grade 1 Teacher $43,926
(Name withheld) Head Bus Mechanic $43,886
(Name withheld) Elementary Librarian $43,509
(Name withheld) Grade V Science $43,056
(Name withheld) Data Manager/Student Registrar $42,918
(Name withheld) Accounts Payable Specialist $42,500
(Name withheld) Middle School History Teacher $42,484
(Name withheld) Elementary Special Education Teacher $42,208
(Name withheld) Teacher $42,080
(Name withheld) Elementary Special Education $41,681
(Name withheld) Middle School Special Ed $41,286
(Name withheld) Middle School English Teacher $41,286
(Name withheld) Spanish Teacher HS $41,173
(Name withheld) High School Art $40,766
(Name withheld) 4Th Grade $40,766