2016-17 local government employee salaries

Caroline County

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Total payroll$9,112,503
Median pay$38,923
Average pay$45,791
Highest individual pay$159,667

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Charles M. Culley Jr. County Administrator $159,667
Anthony A. Lippa Jr. Sheriff $134,885
Michael A. Finchum Planning Director $126,708
John L. Mahoney Commonwealth Attorney $122,016
Susan Waring-Le Minarchi Clerk Of Ciruit Court $113,375
Joseph C. Schiebel Public Utilities Director $105,016
Alan L. Partin Assistant County Administrator $104,114
Jason R. Loftus Fire Chief $102,733
Frances K. Hatcher Finance Director $102,733
Elizabeth B. Curran Treasurer $101,287
Gary R. Wilson Economic Development Director $100,493
Benjamin P. Heidt Attorney - Full Time $97,000
Clarence S. Moser Major $86,659
Donnell S. Howard Parks And Recreation Director $84,196
Mark C. Garnett Deputy Fire Chief $82,986
Kevin Wightman Building Official/Prop Maint Admin $79,884
Mark R. Bissoon Commissioner Of Revenue $79,742
Nikki M. Clarke Attorney - Full Time $75,000
Michael A. Allen Superintendent Of Public Works $74,420
Audrey W. Lambert Captain $67,207
Anne J. Hendrickson Judicial Assistant $67,131
Jennifer S. Ernest Accounting Manager $65,000
Erin R. Southworth Lieutenant $64,340
Theodore A. Lambert Assistant Director Pw/Pu $63,403
William P. Stanley Jr. Superintendent Of Public Utilities $63,403
Joseph H. Crowder Captain $63,403
John D. Goforth Utilities Field Operations Supt $62,996
David Nunnally Senior Environmental Inspector $62,350
Pamela K. Viera Human Resources Manager $60,902
Donald Robinson Senior Combination Inspector $60,521
David M. Sadler IT Manager $60,000
John E. Snyder Senior Combination Inspector $59,240
Edward T. Bonham Captain/Operations $58,475
Keith L. Chatman Lieutenant $58,427
Stacy L. Cary Sergeant $58,056
Pamela M. Hall Administrative Assistant $57,086
Travis L. Nutter Sergeant $56,067
Joshua L. Carson WWTP Supervisor $56,066
Juliette C. Heffler Animal Control Lieutenant $55,998
Michele L. Millard Admin Manager $54,000
Craig A. Pennington Planner $53,800
Chad A. Rozell Sergeant $52,690
Kathryn C. Mcvay Registrar $52,275
Blanche M. Johnson Account Clerk II $51,115
Lisa D. Harvey Dispatch Supervisor $50,738
Robert Gene Hayward Medic Firefighter - Full Time $50,567
Jason Miller Sergeant $50,151
Craig Allan Heywood Sergeant $50,151
Karl H. Eichenmiller Sergeant $50,151
Stephanie J. Mosby Sports/Athletic Programmer $50,015
David M. Puryear Jr. Medic Firefighter - Full Time $49,515
William Thomas Hall Iii Medic Firefighter - Full Time $49,515
Susan B. Morgan Deputy IV $49,402
Nathan M. Johnson EMT Firefighter - Full Time $48,393
Benjamin Nicholas Doucet Deputy Sheriff - Full Time $48,379
Matthew A. Pifer Lieutenant $48,088
Larry D. Peters Jr. Facilities Maintenance Foreman $47,736
Mark E. Liverman Lieutenant $47,635
Amy E. Lilly Library Director $47,476
Kevin W. Mundy Deputy Sheriff - Full Time $47,421
Russell L. Hixson Deputy Sheriff - Full Time $47,420
Christopher R. Wright Sergeant $47,313
Manuel A. Dip Sergeant $47,313
Christopher M. Hall Deputy Sheriff - Full Time $47,312
Warner D. Lipscomb Iii Sergeant $47,312
(Name withheld) Deputy III $46,515
(Name withheld) Medic Firefighter - Full Time $46,272
(Name withheld) Medic Firefighter - Full Time $45,323
(Name withheld) Victim Witness Coordinator $44,994
(Name withheld) Deputy/Sro $44,262
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff - Full Time $44,262
(Name withheld) Solid Waste Supervisor $43,755
(Name withheld) EMT Firefighter - Full Time $43,637
(Name withheld) Deputy Treasurer-Accounting $43,390
(Name withheld) Admin Manager $43,363