2016-17 local government employee salaries


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Total payroll$3,383,062
Median pay$54,114
Average pay$55,460
Highest individual pay$120,631

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Charles Hartgrove Town Manager $120,631
Mike Davis Director of Public Works $116,440
Doug Goodman Chief of Police $95,932
Ingrid Stenbjorn Town Engineer $95,597
Joshua Farrar Deputy Town Manager/Finance Director $86,416
Nora Amos Director of Planning $76,087
Doug Jenks Sergeant $75,350
Anthony Callahan Major $74,923
Steve Trainham Street Maintenance Supervisor $73,191
Matt Hileman Investigator $72,345
Troy Aronhalt Captain $69,305
Tom Dickerson Civil Engineer $67,920
Walter Denton Project Manager $65,527
James Shelhorse Lieutenant $64,648
Viktor Rovner Project Manager $61,990
Chris Holloway Project Manager $60,990
Dennis Rabon Deputy Zoning Administrator $59,793
Matthew Reynal Operations Supervisor $59,590
Scott Menzies Sergeant $57,801
Ethan Hicks Sergeant $57,574
Daniel Gray Sergeant $57,038
Garet Prior Senior Planner/GIS Technician $56,620
Marie Kemp Sergeant $56,534
Adam Aigner Investigator $55,978
Wanda Cornwell Assistant to the Town Manager $55,605
Grant Bonistalli Officer $55,497
Scott Nuessle Officer $55,248
Cheryl Bookwalter Business Manager $55,029
Joe Topham Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator $55,029
Stuart Mccullough Officer $54,208
John Street Investigator $54,114
Scott Samuel Lead Equipment Mechanic $54,028
Harvey Watts Officer $53,865
James Spada Officer $50,440
Jaime Hanlon Officer $49,916
Donnie Watkins Officer $49,400
Jacob Brackett Officer $48,876
Paul Stirnaman Officer $48,485
Michael Helbig Officer $47,858
David Marcussen Officer $47,445
Robert Donovan Officer $47,445
Bryan Smith Officer $47,320
(Name withheld) Management Analyst $44,498
(Name withheld) Building & Grounds Maintenance Supervisor $44,498
(Name withheld) Visitor's Center Manager $44,498
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $42,296
(Name withheld) Lead Equipment Operator $40,632
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $38,469
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $38,440
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $38,352
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant A $38,327
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $38,276
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $36,738
(Name withheld) Support Services/APD $36,356
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $36,107
(Name withheld) Account Clerk $35,668
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $35,404
(Name withheld) Building & Grounds Employee $33,913
(Name withheld) Equipment Mechanic $30,854
(Name withheld) Equip. Operator $30,854
(Name withheld) Support Services/APD $30,854