2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia State Bar

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Total payroll$6,547,508
Median pay$63,164
Average pay$70,515
Highest individual pay$171,204

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Karen A. Gould Executive Director/COO $171,204
Mary Y. Spencer Deputy Executive Director $146,264
Edward L. Davis Bar Counsel $135,588
Susan C. Busch Assistant Executive Director $129,875
Elizabeth L. Keller Assistant Executive Director $128,539
James M. Mccauley Ethics Counsel $126,000
Renu M. Brennan Assistant Bar Counsel/Deputy Executive Director $125,000
Kathryn R. Montgomery Deputy Bar Counsel $120,000
Seth M. Guggenheim Assistant Ethics Counsel $119,000
William H. Dickinson Information Technology Director $118,910
James C. Bodie Intake Counsel $118,000
Jane A. Fletcher 0 $113,000
Jane A. Fletcher Deputy Intake Counsel/Counsel to Client Protection Fund $113,000
Kathleen M. Uston Assistant Bar Counsel $110,000
Mark S. Arnold Senior Systems Designer $109,242
Alfred L. Carr Assistant Bar Counsel $107,000
Paulo E. Franco Assistant Bar Counsel $100,000
Mary W. Martelino Assistant Intake Counsel $100,000
Marcus B. Saunders Assistant Bar Counsel $100,000
Prescott L. Prince Assistant Bar Counsel $100,000
Barbara B. Saunders Assistant Ethics Counsel $100,000
Edward J. Dillon Assistant Bar Counsel $98,000
Elizabeth K. Shoenfield Assistant Bar Counsel $90,800
Christine M. Corey Assistant Bar Counsel $90,800
Barbara S. Lanier Clerk of the Disciplinary System $85,838
Joan V. Mclaughlin Senior Programmer/Analyst $85,798
Randy E. Webne Human Resources/Facilities Director $85,000
Camilla H. Moffatt Chief Investigator $82,308
Gale M. Cartwright Member Compliance Director $82,108
Crystal T. Hendrick Fiscal Officer $80,777
Emily F. Hedrick Assistant Ethics Counsel $79,200
Gordon R. Hickey Communications Director & Editor $78,540
Karl A. Doss Access to Legal Services Director $77,265
Michael S. Wickham Security Architect/Systems Engineer $73,052
David G. Fennessey Investigator $68,120
William H. Sterling Investigator $68,055
David W. Jackson Investigator $67,730
Ronald H. Mccall Investigator $67,626
Caryn B. Persinger Publications Manager/Webmaster $67,513
Brian J. Callen Investigator $66,000
Maureen D. Stengel Administrator of Professionalism & Young Lawyer Programs $65,334
Ronald Pohrivchak Investigator $65,269
Albert E. Rhodenizer Investigator $65,269
Lisa A. Marshall Investigator $65,149
Oren M. Powell Investigator $65,006
Theresa B. Patrick Meetings/Projects Coordinator $64,557
Susan B. Johnson Accountant $63,164
Stephanie G. Blanton Records Manager/Executive Assistant $62,327
Michael G. Keen Investigator $62,000
Charles S. Troy Programmer/Analyst $61,268
Vivian R. Byrd Deputy Clerk of the Disciplinary System $60,437
John P. Pucky Investigator $60,000
Paulette J. Davidson Conference of Local Bar Associations & Fee Dispute Resolution Program Coordinator $59,367
Madonna G. Dersch Graphic Designer/Asst. Webmaster $57,764
Laurie C. Fuller Legal Assistant/Litigation $57,527
Sylvia S. Daniel Executive Assistant $56,945
Toni B. Dunson Lawyer Referral Program Coordinator $56,123
Asha B. Holloman Executive Assistant $56,100
Brenda F. Holmes HR/Procurement Specialist $53,268
Bonnie T. Waldeck Senior Clerk of the Disciplinary System $52,800
Alicia A. Parker Senior Staff Assistant $50,802
Joy D. Harvey Senior Administrative Assistant $50,720
Angela D. Conner Senior Regulatory Compliance Analyst - MCLE $50,123
Deirdre H. Norman Publications Information Specialist $50,000
(Name withheld) Senior Administrative Assistant $49,418
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $49,370
(Name withheld) Fiscal Assistant $47,020
(Name withheld) Legal Ethics Research Assistant $45,513
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $44,698
(Name withheld) Legal Secretary $44,436
(Name withheld) Regulatory Compliance Analyst - MCLE $44,106
(Name withheld) Lawyer Referral Service Assistant $43,975
(Name withheld) Assistant Clerk of the Disciplinary System $43,915
(Name withheld) Assistant Clerk of the Disciplinary System $43,360
(Name withheld) Senior Administrative Assistant $42,941