2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Port Authority

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Total payroll$14,702,079
Median pay$66,047
Average pay$79,470
Highest individual pay$450,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
John F. Reinhart CEO/Executive Director $450,000
Joseph P. Ruddy Chief Innovation Officer $285,485
Rodney W. Oliver Chief Financial Officer $264,999
Catherine J. France Chief Public Affairs Officer $203,014
James S. Bibbs Chief Human Resources Officer $203,014
Mark R. Thorsen Chief Information Officer $199,973
Russell J. Held Vice President, Economic Development $174,341
Jeffrey A. Florin Sr. Director, Port Development $173,290
Darich M. Runyan Sr. Director, Terminal Technology $165,000
Christopher B. D'Surney Director of Human Resources $163,239
Jefferson G. Underwood Vice President, Finance $163,200
Matthew Barnes-Smith Vice President, Strategic Planning $159,739
Christopher W. Chope VP, Sustainability & Process Excellence $155,000
Yiu L. Cheng Director, Information Technology $147,068
James R. Stecher Vice President, Marketing & Communications $142,000
Ronald R. Green Director, Process Excellence $136,000
David M. James Sr. Director, Contracts and Real Estate $135,921
Gregory J. Edwards Director, Internal & Partner Communications $132,700
Daniel Hendrickson Director, Business Intelligence $131,583
Anja Sparenberg Director, Management Reporting $130,000
Edwina R. Giddens Manager, Benefits & HRIS $125,178
Christopher Harrell Vice President, Contracts & Risk Management $123,420
Donald R. Seay EDI Manager $122,972
Jeffrey Alan Fisher Director, Engineering $120,000
Michael L. Brewer Police Chief $117,919
Lynda A. Wilson Enterprise Applications Support Analyst $116,065
William R. Young Director, Economic Development $115,568
Cindy L. Robins Financial Reporting Director $113,622
Elizabeth M. Neville Financial Management Systems Director $113,029
Elizabeth C. Saxby Director of Human Resources $111,597
James W. Noel Assistant Attorney General/VPA Counsel $110,000
Cynthia C. Dennison Enterprise Applications Support Analyst $108,020
Scott Damon Whitehurst Director, Environmental Policy & Compliance $108,000
Susan L. Stanley Manager, IT Systems, NIT $107,594
Christine B. Wilson Applications Programmer III $106,087
Joseph A. Mcdonald Manager, Technical Services $105,784
Erin Dawn Glenn Data Systems Manager $105,000
Keith A. Brady Director, Risk Management $105,000
Joseph D. Harris Sr. Director, Media Relations $104,334
Dottie L. Joyner Manager, IT Systems, VIG $104,282
Jonathan Gray Budget Manager $103,000
Chi M. Lee Database Administrator III $101,277
Joseph Vitelli Corporate Applications Manager $99,337
Tiffany L. Green Assistant Director, Terminal Technology $98,400
Sandra R. Jackson Director, General Accounting $98,000
Andrew M. Sinclair Director of Government Affairs $97,374
Tracy D. Hassell Applications Programmer III $95,848
Kevin Martin Accounting Manager $95,809
William A. Burket Director, MIRT/Emergency Operations $95,304
Nikolina G. Malone Director, Market Analysis $94,802
Christopher T. Gullickson Economic Development Manager II $94,718
Brandon N. Boyd Web Developer II $93,848
Jason C. Martens Applications Programmer III $93,705
Staci N. Olmstead Director, Revenue Accounting $92,000
Carla Sue Welsh Director, Creative Services $91,836
Armondo N. Ward Police Captain, Operations $90,673
Pierre H. Coleman Applications Programmer II $89,226
Debra J. Mcnulty Clerk, VPA Board of Commissioners $88,643
Randy A. Plotkin Information Security Manager $86,275
Robert M. Le Monde MIRT/Emergency Operations Manager $85,485
Gregory A. Cotten System Administrator I $84,466
Jacqueline A. Campbell Database Analyst II $83,376
Michael Rusk Applications Programmer II $83,050
Jodie L. Asbell Executive Secretary Sr. $82,170
John P. Brady Port Planner $82,000
Kevin D. Wells Help Desk Manager $81,999
Korey D. Jones Enterprise Applications Support Analyst $81,610
Rosemary M. Carpenter Database Analyst I $81,280
Joseph L. Green Facility Security Mgr. $80,832
Lashaune Thomas Manager, Talent Acquisition $80,340
Ronald P. Wuerth System Administrator II $80,168
Carolyn R. Leighton Analyst I $79,443
David S. Stevenson Police Command Center Manager $79,066
Mona Mclaurin Police Administrative Manager $78,601
Sarah J. Mccoy Manager, Government & Community Affairs $78,375