2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Employment Commission

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Total payroll$32,870,109
Median pay$43,006
Average pay$48,267
Highest individual pay$156,970

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Ellen Hess Commissioner VEC $156,970
Jeffrey Ryan Gen Admin Manager III $131,462
Salvatore Lupica Gen Admin Manager III $131,397
Cindy O'Connor Human Resource Manager III $117,210
Miles Sparkman Financial Services Manager III $116,509
David Portner Info Technology Manager II $115,000
Robert Mitchell Prog Admin Manager III $113,086
Melvin Slusher Prog Admin Manager III $109,992
Phani Eturu Info Technology Specialist III $108,835
David Thompson Info Technology Specialist III $106,622
Joseph Young Audit Services Manager III $105,663
Jeffrey Brown Gen Admin Manager III $104,040
Grace Dowdy Prog Admin Manager III $102,135
Michael Faszewski Financial Services Manager II $101,146
Harry Holt Info Technology Specialist III $100,636
Lynette Hammond Chief Deputy $99,705
Kenneth Tonti Info Technology Specialist III $98,838
William Stagg Gen Admin Manager II $98,792
Frances Vaughan Info Technology Specialist III $98,468
Cynthia Hartley Financial Services Manager II $97,484
William Walton Gen Admin Manager III $97,084
Lisa Rowley Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr III $96,234
Jeremy Dibert Info Technology Specialist III $95,370
Patrick Depumpo Info Technology Specialist II $93,734
Anne Myers Audit Services Manager II $91,521
Tom Hedgepeth Architect/Engineering Mgr II $90,969
Patricia Williams Prog Admin Manager III $89,818
Frederick Scaggs Prog Admin Manager III $89,119
Joseph Conner Info Technology Specialist III $88,943
Nancy Broaddus Prog Admin Manager III $88,432
Larry Robinson Policy Planning Spec II $87,530
Heidi Young Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr II $85,249
Timothy Kestner Gen Admin Manager III $85,000
Tab Mines Prog Admin Specialist II $84,879
Marietta Salyer Prog Admin Manager III $83,546
Joyce Fogg PR & Mktg Spec IV $83,314
James Price Info Technology Specialist III $82,190
Thomas Garner Info Technology Specialist III $82,120
Pamela Fleming Info Technology Specialist III $81,041
Sharon Woo Financial Services Spec II $80,080
Connie Deved Human Resource Analyst II $79,731
David Pangburn Info Technology Specialist III $79,407
William Smith Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr III $78,840
Valerie Braxton-Williams Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $78,730
Kathy Weaver Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr I $78,397
Robert Prettyman Financial Services Manager I $78,202
Jay Guy Info Technology Specialist III $78,061
Shelby Perry Human Resource Analyst II $78,051
Cindy Pastorfield Financial Services Spec III $77,483
Rhonn James Financial Services Spec II $77,414
Albert-Elijah Hagy Prog Admin Manager II $76,522
Jeffrey Tarpley Info Technology Specialist III $76,224
Patricia Bradford Policy Planning Manager I $75,684
Clifford Pierce Prog Admin Manager II $75,562
David Tysinger Policy Planning Spec II $75,562
Theodore Ourednik Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr II $75,256
Robert Coppinger Prog Admin Manager II $75,193
Karen Pfister Financial Services Spec II $75,165
Nancy Taylor Info Technology Specialist II $74,942
Carolyn Abbott Financial Services Manager I $74,879
Shirley Bray-Sledge Human Resource Manager I $74,809
Kimberly Lee Info Technology Specialist III $74,658
John Gray Info Technology Specialist III $74,652
Ann Lang Policy Planning Spec II $74,556
Vanessa Myers Mason Trainer and Instructor III $74,031
William Dentel Financial Services Spec I $73,900
Gordon Colgin Financial Services Manager I $73,624
Lila Wrenn Trainer and Instructor III $73,537
Susan Batte Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr III $73,045
David Mays Financial Services Spec I $72,954
Jeffrey Karnes Financial Services Spec I $72,954
Brenda Terry Computer Operations Manager I $72,275
Deborah Hensley Prog Admin Specialist II $71,910
Dorthea Brown Prog Admin Manager II $71,441
Veronica Copeland Training & Instruction Mgr I $71,332