2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority

About Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority

Total payroll$7,861,603
Median pay$74,114
Average pay$81,891
Highest individual pay$323,235

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Martin J. Briley President and CEO (Until 3-10-16) $323,235
Daniel C. Gundersen Interim President and CEO $211,000
Elizabeth G. Povar Vice President, Business Expansion $177,392
Michael L. Lehmkuhler Vice President, Business Attraction $173,482
Paul H. Grossman Jr. Vice President, International Trade $168,666
Robert W. Mcclintock Jr. Vice President, Research $154,714
Sandra J. Mcninch General Counsel $154,263
Vincent J. Barnett Vice President, Communications & Promotions $150,368
Jack R. Nelson Controller $136,312
Jay A. Langston Sr Project Support Manager $135,367
John S. Mehfoud Vice President, Information Technology $130,955
Brent D. Sheffler Sr. Business Expansion Manager $120,113
Keith T. Boswell Sr. Business Attraction Manager $118,060
Stuart F. Beyer Network Administrator $102,184
Frank W. Strickler Sr. VJIP Project Manager $95,830
Melissa E. Cox Sr. Human Resources Manager $94,022
Michael P. Howley International Trade Manager $93,502
Michael W. Sloss Lead Developer $93,388
John M. Elink-Schuurman International Trade Manager $92,898
Timothy P. Stuller Sr. Business Expansion Manager $92,800
Brian C. Kroll Sr Economist $92,674
Theodora E. Von Hohenstaufen Noll Defense Initiative Manager $90,416
Warren L. Hammer Business Attraction Manager $89,355
Jordan A. Watkins International Trade Manager $88,833
Katherine E. Goodwin Sr. Project Research Manager $88,412
Debbie Melvin VJIP Project Manager $86,880
Ellen L. Meinhart International Trade Manager $86,700
Kenneth J. Hurst Business Attraction Manager $85,000
Atul K. Sharma Business Attraction Manager $84,640
Diane M. Thomas International Trade Manager $84,249
John K. Loftus Sites & Buildings Manager $84,246
Arturo C. Gallardo VALET Manager $84,150
Yifu Tang .NET Developer $82,625
Troy Durrer .NET Developer $80,000
Joel M. Stopha International Trade Manager $80,000
Joseph E. Gillespie Business Expansion Manager $79,756
Roger E. Porter International Trade Manager $79,080
Lindsey C. Bertozzi Global Network Manager $77,972
Robert E. Grenell Sr Accounting Manager $77,956
Tracy A. Tynan Business Expansion Manager $77,794
Douglas J. Parsons VJIP Project Manager $77,570
Ajay Sujanani Business Attraction Manager $77,550
Dorothy R. Potter Business Attraction Manager $77,500
Phil Sheridan Business Expansion Manager $76,500
Jacqueline Hudson Business Expansion Manager $75,922
Janice Geipel Sr Programmer Analyst $75,480
Holly Pearce International Trade Manager $75,000
Donna L. Stevens Sr. Economic Research Analyst $74,114
Kelly K. Evko Business Expansion Manager $73,828
Mario L. Camardella Business Attraction Manager $73,049
Kimberly M. Ellett Sr Executive Assistant $72,915
Floyd L. Akins VJIP Project Manager $72,094
Pandy L. Brazeau Business Attraction Manager $71,550
Anne M. Phillips International Marketing Specialist $70,873
Matt W. Mclaren Business Expansion Manager $70,460
Kevin F. Miller Marketing Manager $68,453
Leona F. Lofty VJIP Project Manager $67,950
Crystal C. Vincent Executive Assistant $67,720
Suzanne W. Chvala Assistant to the Vice President $66,871
Charles L. Rogers Marketing Manager $66,362
Christine F. Chaoul Programmer Analyst $66,280
Alexander R. Thorup Manager of Legislation and Policy $66,076
Joann M. Draughn Economist $66,028
Sunny R. Sanders GIS Specialist $66,000
Suzanne W. Clark Sr Communications Specialist $66,000
Scott A. Kennedy Marketing Manager $65,442
Toi M. Wilson Business Expansion Manager $65,000
Mary A. Davis Chief Cartographer $64,883
Dorothy A. Martz Project Research Manager $62,655
Donna M. Mende Project Research Assistant $60,412
Sheila L. Alvis Purchasing Manager $60,081
Meredith S. Randall Sr. Marketing Assistant $58,397
Lynn S. Bowles Assistant to the Vice President $57,354
Mary K. Land Assistant to the Vice President $56,565
Carolyn L. Jewell Human Resources Assistant $56,556