2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia College Savings Plan

About Virginia College Savings Plan

Total payroll$7,076,263
Median pay$67,500
Average pay$76,915
Highest individual pay$204,724

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Mary Morris Chief Executive Officer VCSP $204,724
Gary Ometer Chief Financial Officer $192,950
Michael Thompson Chief Technology Officer $178,842
Elizabeth Dutton Chief Administrative Officer $178,585
Michael Henry Director of IT Operations $176,260
Lisa Henry Development Director $163,645
Christopher Mcgee General Counsel $156,770
Sherri Wyatt Chief Compliance Officer $139,130
Sheryl Tonini Relationship Manager $136,963
Ruth Campbell VCSP Software Engineer $121,183
Changzheng Liu VCSP Software Engineer $120,960
Scott Ridgely Dir Marketing & Communications $118,840
Lisa Auerbach VCSP Sr Database Admin $116,515
Jonathan Ryan VCSP Sr Data Warehouse Eng $112,760
Vivian Shields Controller $112,728
Grayson Fox VCSP Infrastructure Manager $110,720
Cathy Crist Software Qault Assurance Engnr $107,215
Rosario Igharas Director Information Security $104,795
Elizabeth Miller Dir Scholarships/Ed Outreach $103,610
Debra Allan Human Resources Director $103,610
Elizabeth Angle Dir of Financial Operations $100,320
Lisa Schumacher VCSP Software Engineer $97,000
Gillian Ferguson VCSP Associate Counsel $95,000
Benjamin Knowles Database Administrator $91,475
Amy Shiflett Dir of Administrative Services $84,565
April Kochon Accounting Manager $84,120
Robin Schultz Investment Operations Manager $83,325
Vickie Sturm VCSP Sr Mgr Financial Ops $83,230
Robin Clark VCSP Compliance Analyst $81,970
Shannon Towles VCSP Sr Financial Report Acct $81,135
Benjamin Kuehner VCSP Systems Administrator $80,315
Karen Setzer VCSP Compliance Analyst $77,990
Keith Lemay Finance Operations Manager $77,452
Aaron Krug Web Developer $77,000
Michael Swink VCSP Sr Financial Report Acct $76,300
William Knost VCSP Software Developer $75,000
Kelley Hope VCSP Communications Manager $74,695
Lori Bennett VCSP Marketing Manager $73,935
Brian Keen Web Developer $72,270
Donald Young Information Security Analyst $72,135
William Gregory Procurement Officer $70,254
Terry Crockett Senior Marketing Analyst $70,000
Mendy Socha Senior Accountant $68,083
Wyatt Little VCSP Business Continuity Anlst $67,950
Betty Mullins Budget Accountant $67,625
Marek Harris VCSP Sr Investment Ops Analyst $67,500
Meron Johnson VCSP Systems Administrator $66,990
Maria Slowe VCSP Sr Investment Ops Analyst $65,790
Monica Spruill Senior Accountant $65,401
Heather Poulsen General Ledger Accountant $63,870
Cherie Mccoy Finance Operations Manager $62,935
Myra Fuller Customer Service Manager $60,655
Elizabeth Cheatham Paralegal $59,750
Glenn Thomas VCSP Sr Financial Ops Analyst $58,600
Amy Goodrich Executive Assistant $57,375
Angela Kersey VCSP Investment Ops Analyst $56,627
Brittany Lewis Business Analyst $56,535
Vickie Brock VCSP Sr Financial Ops Analyst $55,799
Kimberly Miller VCSP Program Coordinator $55,455
Princess Banks Procurement Officer $55,000
Becky Robinson Administrative Coordinator $50,485
Alyssa Bell Accountant $49,880
Alfred Harris Document Management Tech Sr $49,839
Victorino Baclagon Document Management Tech Sr $49,839
(Name withheld) VCSP Communications Associate $49,205
(Name withheld) Accounting Analyst $48,634
(Name withheld) VCSP Sr Financial Ops Analyst $48,030
(Name withheld) VCSP Graphic Designer $47,940
(Name withheld) VCSP Human Resource Generalist $47,860
(Name withheld) Administrative Coordinator $47,000
(Name withheld) Event Marketing Associate $47,000
(Name withheld) VCSP Lead Customer Serv Assoc $46,820
(Name withheld) VCSP ITO Program Coordinator $46,465
(Name withheld) VCSP Sr Financial Ops Analyst $46,410
(Name withheld) VCSP Sr Financial Ops Analyst $46,065