2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Division of Legislative Automated Systems

About Division of Legislative Automated Systems

Total payroll$1,578,958
Median pay$88,892
Average pay$87,719
Highest individual pay$158,821

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Richard J. Landis Director $158,821
James L. Garton Senior Systems Analyst $121,504
Joe R. Johnson Web Application Lead Developer $121,305
Joseph P. Warren Enterprise Infrastructure Manager $98,203
John S. Warrick Web Application Developer $94,350
Christopher J. Harmon Web Application Developer $92,720
Jessica E. Harrison Creative Director $92,125
Robert Lenkowicz Business Research Analyst $91,164
Troy L. Crawford Network Analyst $88,892
Praisy M. Kuriakose Web Application Developer $85,347
Cecelia B. Storm Fiscal Officer $84,552
Diane C. Seaborn Information Processing Manager $82,761
Brandon A. Lewis Interactive Developer $70,390
Antney T. Dugger LAN Systems Analyst $68,017
Laura L. Wilborn Information Processing Specialist $67,361
Barbara A. Timberlake Print and Publication Supervisor $61,153
Mary E. Coleman Administrative Accountant $51,035
(Name withheld) Print and Publication Specialist $49,258