2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of General Services

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Total payroll$33,131,774
Median pay$50,581
Average pay$56,346
Highest individual pay$162,344

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Christopher Beschler Dir Dept of General Services $162,344
Joseph Damico Gen Admin Manager III $153,625
Edward Gully Architect/Engineering Mgr III $143,575
Denise Toney Scientist Manager III $133,770
Bryan Wagner Financial Services Manager III $128,615
William Coppa Architect/Engineering Mgr III $125,202
Robert Gleason Procurement Manager IV $123,570
Holly Eve Procurement Manager IV $122,855
Thomas George Architect/Engineering Mgr III $122,052
Barbara Garnett Info Technology Manager II $120,184
Katherine Kennedy Human Resource Manager II $118,007
Linwood Spindle Procurement Manager III $113,408
Vickie Tyson Info Technology Manager I $106,916
Marion Lancaster Info Technology Manager I $106,786
Steven Matsko Architect/Engineering Mgr II $106,425
James Raha Architect/Engineering Mgr II $106,165
Pamela Stephenson Info Technology Manager I $106,041
Timothy Bishton Financial Services Manager II $105,354
Shane Caudill Procurement Manager III $105,219
Chris Willis Architect/Engineering Mgr III $105,000
Karen Solarte Info Technology Manager I $104,872
Ronald King Procurement Manager III $104,640
Wanda Andrews Scientist Manager II $104,082
Edwin Shaw Scientist Manager II $103,060
Les Harcum Architect/Engineering Mgr II $102,941
Angela Fritzinger Scientist Manager II $102,520
Alan Paxton Info Technology Specialist III $102,273
Philip Ucci Architect/Engineering Mgr II $101,593
Brian Hudnall Architect/Engineering Mgr II $100,892
William Crodick Architect/Engineer II $100,701
Tasneem Hyder Info Technology Specialist III $100,682
James Frye Architect/Engineer II $100,255
Diane Winters Human Resource Manager II $100,178
Michael Bisogno Gen Admin Manager II $100,094
David Nims Procurement Manager III $100,092
Michael Chapman Architect/Engineer II $100,064
Sandra Gill Procurement Manager III $99,866
John Whitfield Architect/Engineer II $97,556
David Dumais Info Technology Specialist III $96,757
Lawrence Bolt Info Technology Specialist III $96,703
J Stamps Procurement Manager III $96,082
Patrick Mcdonough Architect/Engineer II $95,724
Fred Kirby Architect/Engineer II $95,585
Chinh Vu Architect/Engineering Mgr I $95,584
Linoise Edassery Info Technology Specialist III $95,493
Michael Christensen Architect/Engineer II $95,066
Sang Han Info Technology Specialist III $94,679
Anne Hooker Architect/Engineer II $94,658
Pricilla Cole Info Technology Specialist III $94,458
Richard Messer Architect/Engineer II $94,382
Maria Hatcher Info Technology Specialist III $94,297
Johnathan Barbett Info Technology Specialist III $93,840
Ronald Semel Architect/Engineer II $93,246
Khanh Duong Info Technology Specialist III $93,000
Jan Giffin Procurement Manager III $92,980
Andrew Repak Procurement Manager III $91,570
Marilyn Freeman Scientist Manager II $91,394
Parvin Mirshahi Info Technology Specialist III $91,347
Dennis Nettesheim Info Technology Specialist III $91,288
Dennis Klement Financial Services Manager I $91,247
Mary Hom Architect/Engineer II $90,390
Christopher Retarides Scientist III $90,284
Leslie Gould Architect/Engineer II $89,760
Matthew Duerksen Architect/Engineer II $89,733
Linda Hines Info Technology Specialist III $88,983
Mark Dreyer Architect/Engineer II $88,814
Sandra Whitehead Architect/Engineer II $88,090
Anthony Griffin Trades Manager II $87,781
Terry Steen Architect/Engineer II $87,720
Sheila Erickson Prog Admin Manager II $87,041
Joel Padow Info Technology Specialist III $86,765
Kenneth Mccullough Procurement Manager III $86,700
Mazhar Abbas Info Technology Specialist II $86,691
Dena Potter PR & Mktg Spec IV $86,180
David Maywalt Info Technology Specialist III $86,155