2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

About Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Total payroll$21,664,142
Median pay$50,979
Average pay$54,432
Highest individual pay$140,208

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Robert Duncan Ex Dir Game & Inland Fish $140,208
David Whitehurst Scientist Manager II $118,227
Ronald Henry Law Enforcement Manager II $110,973
Gary Martel Gen Admin Manager II $109,368
Carman Houston Info Technology Specialist III $102,057
Nicholas Minneti Info Technology Specialist III $98,190
Robert Walker PR & Mktg Mgr III $93,855
Ryan Brown Policy Planning Manager II $93,684
Kevin Clarke Law Enforcement Manager I $92,570
David Simmons Gen Admin Manager I $92,500
Doreen Richmond Info Technology Specialist III $91,497
Darin Moore Policy Planning Manager II $90,321
Ashton Jones Info Technology Specialist III $90,228
Donald Greene Law Enforcement Manager I $89,344
Ronald Southwick Scientist Manager II $89,003
David May Info Technology Specialist II $86,700
Phillip Lownes Architect/Engineering Mgr I $85,319
Daniel West Info Technology Specialist II $85,036
James Bowman Scientist Manager I $84,868
James Husband Info Technology Specialist III $84,474
Raymond Fernald Scientist II $84,366
Rebecca Gwynn Scientist Manager II $83,999
Fred Leckie Scientist Manager II $83,735
Robert Lewis Financial Services Manager II $83,232
Scott Masten Info Technology Specialist II $83,000
Robert Schmidt Info Technology Specialist II $82,310
Deepthi Janga Info Technology Specialist III $82,048
Karl Martin Law Enforcement Officer III $81,746
Frederick Busch Scientist Manager II $80,907
Anthony Fisher Law Enforcement Manager I $80,824
Mereme Martin Human Resource Analyst II $79,430
Raymond Solomon Law Enforcement Officer II $79,184
Steven Bullman Law Enforcement Officer III $78,544
David Steffen Scientist II $78,505
Milton Robinson Law Enforcement Manager I $77,709
John Cobb Law Enforcement Officer III $77,244
Glen Askins Scientist Manager I $77,163
Karen Holson Training & Instruction Mgr I $76,988
Linda Thorp Human Resource Analyst II $76,674
Megan Kirchgessner Veterinarian II $76,469
Charlene Easter Human Resource Analyst II $76,216
Stephen Kesler Trades Manager I $75,873
Jeffrey Trollinger Scientist Manager II $75,726
William Knox Scientist II $75,487
Ronald Warren Law Enforcement Officer III $74,294
Thomas Guess Prog Admin Manager II $73,862
Philip Smith Policy Planning Spec II $73,731
Paul Bugas Scientist Manager I $73,699
Ronald Messina Media Manager I $73,322
Edward Carr Architect/Engineer I $73,201
William Kittrell Scientist Manager I $72,868
Gary Costanzo Scientist II $72,806
Delonte Waller Policy Planning Spec II $72,500
Kenneth Skinner Law Enforcement Officer II $72,186
Alicia Motz Info Technology Specialist II $72,090
Scott Smith Scientist Manager I $72,002
David Dodson Training & Instruction Mgr I $71,992
Frances Boswell Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $71,669
Jay Jeffreys Scientist II $71,534
Gary Norman Scientist II $71,370
Dorita Adams Prog Admin Manager II $71,353
Jason Kapalczynski Scientist II $71,247
Christopher Thomas Law Enforcement Officer III $70,896
Brian Moyer Scientist II $70,436
Mark Diluigi Law Enforcement Officer II $70,405
Albert Bourgeois Scientist II $70,390
Michael Hill Law Enforcement Officer III $70,161
Kevin Rose Scientist II $70,117
Randy Hickman Law Enforcement Officer III $70,031
Maryellen Gilley Trainer and Instructor III $69,847
David Coffman Trainer and Instructor III $69,631
Laurence Wensel Law Enforcement Officer II $68,812
Jason Tucker Trades Technician IV $68,225
Cale Godfrey Scientist Manager II $68,027
Leroy Leonard Info Technology Specialist II $68,000