2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Conservation & Recreation

About Department of Conservation & Recreation

Total payroll$21,647,468
Median pay$47,957
Average pay$52,798
Highest individual pay$147,162

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Clyde Cristman Dir Dept Cons & Recreation $147,162
Thomas Smith Gen Admin Manager IV $118,514
Rochelle Altholz Gen Admin Manager III $118,507
David Dowling Gen Admin Manager III $113,760
Darryl Glover Environmental Manager II $110,885
Craig Seaver Gen Admin Manager III $109,009
Amanda Pennington Architect/Engineer II $102,648
Roberta Hudgins Turner Human Resource Manager II $102,000
Michael Harrell Info Technology Manager I $99,527
David Collett Natural Resource Manager III $98,133
Lisa Mcgee Policy Planning Manager II $96,290
Suzanne Swinson Gen Admin Manager II $95,000
Eric Surratt Audit Services Manager II $94,301
Sharon Partee Financial Services Manager II $92,382
Roberto Ramos Info Technology Specialist II $92,000
Timothy Shrader Natural Resource Manager III $91,406
Fred Hazelwood Natural Resource Manager II $91,406
Robert Vanlier Architect/Engineer II $90,577
Shannon Johnson PR & Mktg Mgr III $88,546
John Foreman Environmental Manager II $87,337
Steven Snell Architect/Engineer II $86,691
Kelly Mcclary Architect/Engineering Mgr II $86,673
Christine Edwards Gen Admin Manager I $86,336
Mark Schuppin Natural Resource Manager II $85,950
Danette Poole Prog Admin Manager III $85,610
Edward Davis Environmental Manager I $85,193
Thomas Roberts Architect/Engineer II $84,686
David Wilmoth Architect/Engineer II $84,000
David Summers Law Enforcement Manager II $83,429
Anne Kelsey Larus Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $82,620
Patrick Smith Info Technology Specialist II $82,000
Ann Zahn Natural Resource Manager II $81,959
Zhengang Wang Architect/Engineer II $81,151
Sarah Richardson Environmental Manager I $79,966
Scott Johnson Prog Admin Manager II $79,720
Forrest Gladden Natural Resource Manager II $79,557
Harvey Thompson Natural Resource Manager II $78,991
Nancy Heltman Prog Admin Manager III $78,659
Clyde Owens Environmental Manager I $78,540
Robert Evans Environmental Manager I $78,000
John Hougland Natural Resource Manager II $77,361
Anthony Widmer Natural Resource Manager II $77,016
Suzan Bulbulkaya Environmental Specialist II $76,834
Deborah Puzzo Prog Admin Specialist II $76,500
Sharon Ewing Natural Resource Manager II $76,423
Synthia Waymack Environmental Specialist II $76,100
Theresa Duffey Environmental Manager I $76,033
Steven Hawks PR & Mktg Mgr II $75,811
Timothy Vest Natural Resource Manager II $75,125
John Grooms Natural Resource Manager II $75,114
Sherry Walsh Procurement Manager II $75,098
Charles Wilson Architect/Engineer II $75,000
Wendy Howard-Cooper Financial Services Manager I $74,684
Michael Fletcher Prog Admin Specialist II $74,658
Arnold Kramer Prog Admin Manager II $73,976
Ralph Echols Environmental Manager I $73,782
Michael Vanlandingham Environmental Specialist II $72,613
John Shanklin Natural Resource Manager II $72,503
Deborah Cross Environmental Specialist II $72,416
Elizabeth Crosier Environmental Manager I $72,346
James Ludwig Environmental Manager I $72,308
Altonia Foster Financial Services Manager I $72,155
Forrest Atwood Environmental Specialist II $71,718
Daniel Cox Architect/Engineer I $71,384
John Small Architect/Engineer I $71,357
Robert Shoemaker Environmental Specialist II $71,339
Steven O'Quinn Natural Resource Manager II $71,318
Timothy Skinner Prog Admin Manager II $71,262
Glenn Kindig Environmental Specialist II $70,863
John Holzgrefe Architect/Engineer I $70,852
Timothy Sexton Environmental Manager I $70,852
Janit Llewellyn Environmental Specialist II $70,826
Bonnie Phillips PR & Mktg Spec IV $70,760
Bryan Anderson Prog Admin Manager II $70,506
Thomas Harris Architect/Engineer I $70,427