2015-16 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Aviation

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Total payroll$2,502,697
Median pay$68,739
Average pay$73,608
Highest individual pay$134,286

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Randall Burdette Exec Dir Dept of Aviation $134,286
Paul Burnette Gen Admin Manager III $113,554
Roger Bowling Gen Admin Manager III $110,930
Cherry Evans PR & Mktg Mgr IV $102,887
Steven Harris Gen Admin Manager III $98,180
Patricia Fulcher Financial Services Manager II $93,754
John Swain Architect/Engineer II $92,326
Vernon Carter Architect/Engineer II $91,468
Keith Mccrea Policy Planning Manager I $86,283
Jeanie Carter Pilot II $77,981
Michael Lauranzon Aviation Manager $76,230
Benjamin Miller Procurement Officer II $75,240
Chad Weaver Architect/Engineer I $74,996
Russell Harrington Policy Planning Spec III $74,994
Stephen Denny Policy Planning Spec II $72,312
Darcy Vassar Financial Services Spec II $69,400
Amy Wells Architect/Engineer I $68,739
John Hart Architect/Engineer I $67,383
Jeffery Taylor Equipment Serv Repair Mgr II $66,528
Susan Simmers Policy Planning Spec II $66,148
Betty Wilson PR & Mktg Spec IV $65,610
Steven Himelspach Pilot II $65,000
Alton Jordan Architect/Engineer I $63,712
Nicole Kolmetz Financial Services Spec I $63,648
Laurie Brown Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $63,253
Samuel Harris Trades Manager I $62,488
Christopher Cummins Pilot II $61,250
Gregory Gilmour Equipment Serv Repair Tech II $60,000
Gregory Dexter Pilot II $60,000
Patricia Sturgill Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $56,763
(Name withheld) Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $47,903
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $44,073
(Name withheld) PR & Mktg Spec II $37,689
(Name withheld) PR & Mktg Spec II $37,689