2015-16 local government employee salaries

Powhatan County

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Total payroll$7,629,012
Median pay$41,485
Average pay$44,876
Highest individual pay$158,230

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Patricia A. Weiler County Administrator $158,230
Richard K. Cox Sr. Commonwealth's Attorney $129,517
John M. Altman Jr. Deputy County Administrator $123,012
Teresa H. Dobbins Clerk of Circuit Court $109,195
Randall C. Buzzard Director of Information Technology $105,000
Steven A. Singer Fire & Rescue Chief $102,000
Ramona G. Carter Director of Public Works $100,013
Charla W. Schubert Director of Finance $98,922
Bradford W. Nunnally Sheriff $94,267
Faye G. Barton Treasurer $92,747
Robert C. Cerullo Ass't Commonwealth's Attorney $90,000
Catherine D. Pemberton Social Services Director $88,440
James B. Timberlake Ii Commissioner of Revenue $80,666
Adam W. Sadler Chief Deputy $75,600
Margaret D. Martin Library Director $72,824
Ralph O. Shelton Building Official $71,473
Jeffery S. Searfoss Captain $70,500
Linda H. Jones HR Manager $70,081
Mark D. Piper Facilities and Grounds Manager $70,009
Edwin A. Howland Jr. Planning Manager $69,546
Daniel P. Stowers IT Systems Administrator $64,500
Jason L. Overstreet GIS Coordinator $61,591
Jason S. Tackett Detective $60,999
Timothy B. Glidewell Utilities Operations Superintendent $60,481
Cherl L. Jessie Chief Deputy Revenue Commissioner $60,017
Wayne K. Zoll Building Plan Reviewer $59,689
Johnny Melis Utilities Manager $59,200
Danny L. Smith Lieutenant $57,816
Rebecca C. Nunnally Chief Deputy Treasurer $57,058
Matthew S. Reynolds Environmental Coordinator $57,037
Mark S. Johnson Sergeant $56,794
William T. Wright Sergeant $56,645
Michael E. Wentworth Senior Detective $56,373
Bradly B. Luxford Sergeant $55,555
Vincent M. Whittaker Sergeant $54,995
Wayne B. Morris Deputy Sheriff $54,437
David J. Dameron Zoning Administrator $54,424
Lee R. Sullivan Deputy Sheriff $54,201
Sharon E. Bartley Administrative Services Manager $53,541
Matthew R. Baltimore Deputy $52,568
Karen B. Alexander Director of Elections $52,311
Mary A. Wilson-Woodel Recreation Coordinator $52,220
Lynette P. Murphy Family Services Manager $52,087
Wendy S. Mcclellan Victim Witness Program Coordinator $51,715
James T. Parks Deputy Sheriff $51,628
Michael T. Boggs Jr. Sergeant $50,722
Linda L. Wall Paralegal $50,502
David F. Hunt Ii Sergeant $50,444
Christine M. Boczar Sergeant $49,631
Stephen K. Swift Utilities Operator I $48,889
Pauline E. Evans Deputy Treasurer Clerk III $48,799
Penny A. Reams Administrative Associate-Fire & Rescue $48,575
Arthur R. Gregory Jr. Detective $48,503
Rodolfo N. Riopedre Deputy Sheriff $48,500
Marilyn N. Durham Detective $48,263
Donna F. Skeens Civil Clerk II $47,966
Jessica R. Smiley Accountant $47,500
Andrew C. Mcintosh Facilities Supervisor $47,155
Phoebe M. Wright Benefit Program Supervisor $46,850
Barbara J. Hutchison Chief Deputy Clerk-Circuit Court $46,519
Anne G. Reynolds Crime Analyst $46,463
Melissa L. Gradwell HR and Accounting Analyst $46,013
Benjamin W. Nice Deputy Sheriff $45,913
(Name withheld) Communications Manager $45,364
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff $44,080
(Name withheld) Administrative Assistant $44,052
(Name withheld) Communications Specialist $43,890
(Name withheld) Deputy Treasurer Clerk III $43,655
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff $43,550
(Name withheld) Deputy Revenue Clerk III $43,369
(Name withheld) Grounds Supervisor $43,259
(Name withheld) Communications Specialist $43,186
(Name withheld) Communications Specialist $42,916
(Name withheld) Convenience Center Supervisor $42,916
(Name withheld) Deputy Sheriff $42,872