2015-16 local government employee salaries


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Total payroll$20,580,968
Median pay$36,620
Average pay$39,351
Highest individual pay$139,500

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Joseph Preston City Attorney $139,500
Cassandra Conover Commonwelath Attorney $132,545
Richie Mckeithen City Assessor $117,000
Shalva Braxton Clerk Of Circuit Court $114,736
Thomas Hairston Fire Chief $108,817
Lorraine Adeeb Human Resources Director $105,750
Vanessa Crawford Sheriff $94,435
Cheryl Wilson Attorney IV $92,930
Wayne Crocker Director Of Library Services $91,942
Kimberley Willis Miles Social Services Dlregor III $90,657
Michelle Peters Dlr. Of Planning & Community Dev $90,000
Gerrit Vanvoorhees Information Technology Director $86,400
Tami Champ-Yerby Director Of Parks & Leisure Services $85,625
Daniel Harrison City Engineer $84,062
Dironna Belton General Manager Of Pat $82,688
Brian Sturdivant Deputy Fire Chief $82,496
Tangela Innis Operations Manager $81,307
James Fagan General Mgr/Pga Golf Pro $81,113
Thomas Lindsey Attorney III $80,730
Kevin Brown City Treasurer $79,917
Kenneth Blalock Attorney III $78,335
Edwin Jones Police Captain $77,249
Pamela Hairston Commissioner Of Revenue $76,874
Tiffany Buckner Attorney III $75,962
Tommy Barrett Fire Batialion Chief $74,996
Steven Bowling F Ire Batialion Chief $74,996
James Reid Fire Marshal $73,448
Donna Rohde Family Services Manager $72,529
Jerry Byerly General Manager Public Utilities $72,000
Felicia Loving Director Of Community Corrections $68,002
Brian Braswell Police Captain $67,977
Nicholas Robinson Operations Manager $67,500
John Michalek Fire Division Chief $67,393
Melissa-Kay Adams Attorney II $66,728
Barbara Buford Family Services Supervisor $65,935
Elsie Jarmon Risk Management Officer $65,412
Ferley Yerby Sheriff Captain $64,372
Carl Moore Police Lieutenant $62,014
Dawn Williams Registrar $61,745
Elvin Jackson Fire Captain $60,040
Richard Lemocks Fire Division Chief $60,040
Virginia Bray Attorney II $58,573
Lewis Yancey General Manager Street Operations $58,500
Jacqueline Lloyd Sheriff Captain $58,475
Tricia Everetts Benefit Program Manager $57,838
Jacqueline Zemmitt Comprehensive Srv. Ag Diregor $57,444
Margaret Morgan Family Services Supervisor $57,362
Mark Milazzo F Ire Division Chief $57,348
William Riggleman Engineering Construction Manager $56,797
John Mcclellan Police Officer $56,749
Emanuel Chambliss Police Sergeant $56,749
Christopher Lee Fire Captain $56,066
Bobby Harvell Fire Batialion Ch Ief $56,066
David Cassort Police Lieutenant $55,627
Vincent Seaberry Operations Manager $55,495
Reginald Lantz General Manager Facility Management $55,495
Danielle Powell Assistant City Attorney $54,657
Janet Avelsgard Computer Systems & Network Manager $54,198
Thomas Kendrick Cip Manager $54,198
Steven Yohe Fire Captain $53,554
John Hines Bldg & Property Maint Offioal $53,554
John Waldron Police Sergeant $53,495
Christopher Walker Police Lieutenant $53,495
Sandra Rowe Victim Witness Director $53,000
Sang Nguyen Network Engineer $52,948
Gregory Sangregorio General Manager Facility Management $52,948
Robert Elkins Police Officer $52,461
Sheldon Wills Police Lieutenant $52,461
Tracie Douglass Operations Manager $52,200
Stephanie Harris Executive Asst to The City Manager $51,975
Rashad Gresham Zoning Administrator $51,700
David Evans Police Officer $51,433
Carmen Tirado Right Of Way & Permits Manager $50,527
Matthew Gilstrap Police Sergeant $50,456
Eddie Jackson Police Officer $50,456