2015-16 local government employee salaries


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Total payroll$19,854,489
Median pay$43,056
Average pay$47,842
Highest individual pay$155,043

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Name Title Total gross pay
Mark A. Haley City Manager $155,043
Jerry L. Whitaker Finance Director $130,020
Richard K. Newman Commwealth Attorney- st pos 1 $129,246
Charles E. Dane ASST CITY MGR ECON DEV $129,001
Tamara J. Ward Circuit Court Clerk $117,520
Edward O. Watson PubWks Director $114,004
John F. Keohane Police Chief $113,630
Eugenia E. Grandstaff Director of HRWTF $113,339
Johnnie E. Butler City Engineer $105,456
Harold W. Walker WW Oper & Maint Manager $105,456
Donald R. Hunter Fire Chief $105,019
Terry C. Burd Information System Mgr $100,796
David C. Fratarcangelo City Attorney $100,006
Aaron A. Reidmiller Rec & Parks Director $99,403
T Gail F. Vance HR DIRECTOR $99,403
Elbert D. Mumphery Comm Attorney IV-st pos 3 $96,449
Tevya Williams Griffin ACM Dir of Development $95,950
Raymond W. Spicer Social Services Director II $95,513
Matthew B. Ellinghaus Dep Dir Environ Manager $91,811
Debra K. Reason Commissioner of Revenue $90,194
Teresa L. Batton City Treasurer $89,440
Oladipo H. Muritala Accounting Manager $88,171
Joseph G. Battiata Stormwater Prog Manager $88,171
Sotirios Trikoulis Fire Battalion Chief $88,171
Gregory D. Taylor Police Captain $86,278
Kristy Wharton Business Manager $85,009
Bradley M. Fitch Plant Maint & Elec Supervisor $83,782
Luther H. Sodat City Sheriff $83,699
Raymond C. Nunnally WWT Shift Supervisor $83,324
Jerry F. Hays Fire Battalion Chief $82,929
Billy Lynn Underwood Building Official $82,014
William E. Tiller Plant Maint Supervisor $81,473
Michael W. Whittington Police Captain $80,953
Aimee M. Francoeur HR SUPV $77,022
Gary E. Johnson WWT Shift Supervisor $74,443
Barry W. Bayes Police Sgt $72,404
Paul S. Intravia Police Lt $71,780
Jay L. Rezin Database Administrator $71,406
Barry Kennedy Fire Captain $70,855
Kenneth P. Howard Police Officer II - PO 2 $70,657
Kimberly M. Parson Pol Supp Ser Mgr $70,220
Michael S. Langford Police Lt $69,950
David S. Thompson GIS Coord $69,825
Mala W. Burton Laboratory Supervisor $69,596
Benjamin M. Ruppert Emer Coord $68,702
Herbert H. Bragg Director of Gov't Affairs $68,286
Ronnie O. Ellis Fire Battalion Chief $68,265
Peter R. Kelly Network Engineer $67,600
Patrizia V. Waggoner R E Assessor $67,496
Gerald T. Everett WWT Shift Supervisor $66,705
James R. Hamilton Network/PC Supp Specialist $66,705
Daniel M. Pisarek Police Officer II $66,601
Roland M. Grimm Police Officer I - PO 2 $66,601
Heather L. Marks Fire Marshall $66,040
Robert C. Williams Plant Electrician $65,832
Neil E. Pegram Plant Electrician $65,832
Marc C. Brade Fire Captain $65,540
Damon R. Stoker Police Lt $64,708
Diane O. Cook Sr Stormwater Quality Analyst $64,500
Donna F. Sharber Benefit Programs Supvr $64,292
Debra W. Pershing Executive Asst $63,273
John H. Irons Police Sgt $62,982
Michelle Bennett Family Services Supervisor $62,150
Wanda L. Brown Manager-CSA $62,004
Monique G. Robertson PW Supp Serv Mgr $61,713
Mark A. Dalton WWT Operator II $61,443
Russell R. Walter Plant Maint Mechanic $61,443
Robin D. Yost Fire Captain $60,996
Timothy R. Bell Construction Inspector $60,486
Charles R. Myers Instrument Technician $60,382
Bruce L. Young Automotive Supervisor I $60,174
Michele A. Corneau Grd Maint Specialist III $60,174
James A. Coleman Plant Maint Mechanic $60,070