2015-16 local government employee salaries

Henrico County

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Total payroll$212,589,891
Median pay$49,661
Average pay$52,452
Highest individual pay$264,625

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
John A. Vithoulkas County Manager $264,625
Joseph P. (Joe) Rapisarda Jr. County Attorney $222,644
Douglas A. Middleton Chief of Police $180,294
Michael L. Wade Sheriff $172,852
Arthur David Petrini Director of Public Utilities $172,036
Shannon Leigh Taylor Attorney for The Commonwealth $168,049
Joseph T. (Tom) Tokarz Ii Deputy County Attorney $168,049
Joseph P. Casey Deputy County Manager $167,001
Randall R. Silber Deputy County Manager $156,637
James Benton Fitzgerald Police Lieutenant Colonel $153,007
Timothy A. Foster Deputy County Manager $153,007
Thomas L. Owdom Director of Information Technology $149,462
Freddie E. Bolling Police Lieutenant Colonel $149,462
Steven J. (Steve) Yob Director of Public Works/County Engineer $149,462
Heidi S. Barshinger Clerk of Circuit Court $143,035
Baylis R. (B R) Carson Iii Information Technology Project Mgr $142,616
Albert T. Leary Iii Police Major $139,312
Ralph Joseph (Joe) Emerson Jr. Director of Planning $136,084
Jon B. Tracy Director of Real Property $136,084
William Ivar (Bill) Mawyer Jr. Assistant Director/Public Utilities $136,084
Jane D. Crawley Deputy County Manager $132,931
Gerald M. Mckenna Director of Library $132,931
Rhysa G. South Senior Assistant County Attorney $132,931
Eugene H. (Gene) Walter Director of Finance $130,387
Stephen C. Guthrie Information Technology Project Mgr $126,842
S Mark (Mark) Strickler Dir of Community Revitalization $126,842
Barry R. Lawrence Assistant to the County Manager $126,842
Arif Hussain Information Technology Project Mgr $123,903
Paula G. Reid Director of Human Resources $123,903
Lee Ann Anderson Senior Assistant County Attorney $123,903
Marshall R. Nuckols Jr. Manager of Production Services $123,903
Michael S. Huberman Chief Deputy Attorney/Commonwealth $123,903
Anthony E. (Tony) Mcdowell Fire Chief $123,903
John H. Neal Jr. Director of General Services $123,130
Douglas John (Doug) Baugh Information Technology Project Mgr $121,032
Laura S. Totty Director of MH/DS $121,032
Evelyn D. Mcguire Senior Controller $121,032
Thomas C. Little Ii Real Estate Assessment Director $121,032
Eugene E. Gerald Fire District Chief/112 $121,032
Cecelia H. Stowe Purchasing Director $121,032
Cynthia J. (Cindee) Steinhauser Director of Social Services $121,032
Edwin C. (Neil) Luther Iv Director of Recreation and Parks $121,032
Thomas D. Alford Assistant Director of General Services $118,228
Vaughan G. Crawley Director of Internal Audit $118,228
Tamra R. Mckinney Dir of Pub Rel & Media Svcs $115,488
James A. Price Police Lieutenant $115,488
Gregory H. Revels Building Official $115,488
Ralph E. Claytor Division Director $115,488
George Daniel Bains Assistant Director of Info Tech $112,812
Michael Travis Smithers Division Director $112,108
Toni M. Randall Senior Asst Attorney/Commonwealth $112,108
Mary Elizabeth (Liz) Warden Division Manager $112,108
Nancy V. Oglesby Senior Asst Attorney/Commonwealth $112,108
James C M. Grandstaff Division Director $110,198
James P. (Jim) Strauss Senior Principal Planner $110,198
Larry W. Spencer Fire Captain/112 $110,198
Asadullah Khan Information Tech Project Leader $110,198
Wade Travis Anderson Assistant County Attorney III $109,511
John M. Shaffer Fire Battalion Chief/112 $107,645
Deana A. Malek Senior Asst Attorney/Commonwealth $107,645
Russell (Russ) Navratil Division Director $107,645
Brian Lee Viscuso Information Tech Project Leader $106,973
John H. Hughes Information Tech Project Leader $105,151
Bruce A. Carlson Technology Support Specialist IV $105,151
Frank A. Hughes Iii Information Tech Senior Specialist $105,151
Dana L. Powell Controller $105,151
Henry D. Rosenbaum Fire Battalion Chief/ALS-PM $105,151
Yvonne D. Russell MH/DS Program Manager $105,151
Matthew Childs Ackley Assistant Attorney II/Commonwealth $105,151
Edward Nichols Smither Jr. Division Director $104,495
Paul A. Johnson Principal Planner $102,714
Warren T. Bowman Information Tech Project Leader $102,714
Brian J. Hennessey Information Tech Project Leader $102,714
Jean Marie Moore Assistant Director of Planning $102,714
Christine Marie Campbell Assistant Library Director $102,714