2015-16 local government employee salaries

Dinwiddie County Schools

About Dinwiddie County Schools

Total payroll$24,452,959
Median pay$44,058
Average pay$40,552
Highest individual pay$170,902

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William Clark Superintendent $170,902
Alfred Cappellanti Building Administrators $116,367
Kari Weston Assistant Superintendent $115,899
Randall Johnson Building Administrators $102,506
Sharon Yates Central Office Admin $97,619
Claude Shell Building Administrators $90,046
Cheryl Perkins Director of Human Resources $88,755
Rebecca Tilson Building Administrators $86,618
Timothy Ampy Director of Technology $86,170
Yardley Farquharson Director of Assessment & Student Services $84,716
Davis Roberts Building Administrators $84,096
Christie Clarke Director of Staff Development & Instructional Technology $83,660
Edward Tucker Director of Transportation $83,179
Tamara Oliver Building Administrators $82,280
Carolyn Powell BuildinQ Administrators $81,647
Paige Hannon Director of Elementary Education & Title I $81,224
Wanda Snodgrass Building Administrators $79,901
Royal Gurley Director of Special Education $79,491
James Davis District Directors $78,403
Anne Swindell Central State Education $76,994
Penny Brooks Building Administrators $76,959
Jeanne Minetree Librarian $75,072
Dawn Cater JROTC $74,645
Lottie Ampy School Psychologist $72,148
Amber Brown Building Administrators $70,428
John Thompson Jr. Guidance $70,246
Toni Wynn Assistant Director of Technology $70,113
Carey Athey Director of School Nutrition $69,660
Jeffrey Walters Building Administrators $68,379
Billy Mills Math $68,345
Pamela Aerni Math Instructional Specialist $68,264
Christie Fleming Director of Finance $67,632
Daniel Rapp Guidance $67,208
Brooke Hirsh School Psychologist $67,011
Charles Moss Building Administrators $66,867
Georgia Thompson Librarian $66,636
Bonnie Gholson Executive Assistant to Superintendent & School Board Clerk $66,635
Rhonda Turner Building Administrators $66,416
Gerald Williams Coordinator of Technology $66,094
Pam Fields SPED Coodinator $66,056
Melvin Croll School Psychologist $65,378
Tamara Colbert SPED $65,177
Kimberly Partin Building Administrators $64,482
Denise Painter Teacher $63,671
Virginia Crane Teacher $63,671
Roberta Morgan Teacher $63,314
Gayle Martin Teacher $63,314
Randy Bullock Vocational $63,276
Martha Fauntleroy Teacher $63,220
Charles Wells Coordinator - Benefits $62,300
Nellie Kee Teacher $62,164
Sally Rainey Teacher $61,770
Brenda Austin Finance Officer $61,437
Barbara Hale Occupational Therapist $61,382
Cheryl Davis Teacher $60,751
Cheryl Sherron Teacher $60,263
Rhonda Gay Guidance $59,510
Cynthia Blaha Vocational $59,449
Rebecca Meier Teacher $59,372
June Pate Vocational $58,930
Eileen Schroeder Teacher $58,850
Darrold Harper JROTC $58,746
Charlene Hofler Teacher $58,025
Kimberly Taylor Teacher $57,471
Diane Hawkins Teacher $57,471
Stacy Lewis Guidance $56,949
Patricia Lee-Ellis Guidance $56,949
Mary Gilley Librarian $56,892
Alan Richie Vocational $56,892
Charles Townsend Shop Foreman $56,791
Leisa Moore Teacher $56,709
Mary Beth Stech Teacher $56,709
Sarah Abernathy Teacher $56,709
Elizabeth Miller Teacher $56,124
Lorraine Campbell Teacher $56,124