2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

University of Virginia Medical Center

About University of Virginia Medical Center

Total payroll$361,731,407
Median pay$49,608
Average pay$56,432
Highest individual pay$524,345

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Robert H. Cofield Assoc VP for Hosp&Clinics Ops $524,345
Pamela M. Sutton-Wallace Chief Executive Officer $500,000
Richard Skinner Chief Info and Tech Officer $442,811
Lorna M. Facteau Chief Nursing Officer $329,534
Patricia Cluff Hallmark Assoc VP for Strat Dev & Mktg $290,952
John W. Boswell Chief Human Resources Officer $286,891
Michelle D. Hereford Chief Com Hosp & PostAcute Div $250,000
Mark Cyril Pulczinski Chief, Revenue Cycle $248,343
Thomas A. Harkins Chief Environ of Care Officer $240,881
James Amato Chief Clinical Ancillary Svc $233,272
Jody Kay Reyes Admin Cancer Services $229,197
Karen L. Forsman Assoc Chief Heart & Vascular $224,628
Bush Bell Patient Experience Officer $210,638
Robert Edward Lee Teaster Admin Transplant Services $207,500
Karin Wilson League Assoc Chief for UVA CH & WH $203,612
Kevin E. Fox Admin Facilities Plng & Constr $203,206
Rafael Saenz Admin Pharmacy Services $202,451
Kurt F. Heyssel Chief Supply Chain $201,071
Michael G. Gelvin Perfusionist - Chief $200,554
Michael Borton Admin Hope $200,000
Gary F. Cuccia Certified RegNurAnest Pool $197,267
Teresa M. Haller Admin Nursing Business Ops $190,036
Christopher Brett Mcmillan Admin Rev Cycle Perf Analytics $190,000
Rebecca A. Lewis Admin Clinical Logistics & Pla $189,045
Kirk Willis Tanner Certified RN Anesthetist $187,345
Judith Kelley Benes Certified RegNurAnest Pool $187,345
Ronald E. Smith Certified RegNurAnest Pool $187,345
Deborah B. Schuyler Certified RegNurAnest Pool $187,345
Thomas Arthur Mchugh Certified RegNurAnest Pool $187,345
Nancy Joy Harrison Certified RN Anesthetist $185,120
Thomas P. Saul Chief of Amb Care Svcs Officer $184,950
Kathy Jean Frase Certified RegNurAnest Pool $184,724
Mark W. Monroe Admin Information Services $183,247
Danielle A. Cote Certified RegNurAnest Pool $181,813
Cynthia A. Thompson Certified RegNurAnest Pool $181,812
Susan Lewis Admin Accountable Care Org $181,563
Steven Rabinowitz Certified RegNurAnest Pool $180,086
Michael S. Mcdaniel Assoc Chief Trans Care Service $180,000
Carol Ann Rosenberg Perfusionist ECMO Asst Chief $180,000
Barbara T. Post Physician $180,000
Glenn Scott Wasson Admin Analyticsand Perf Meas $179,813
Frederick D. Jung Admin Quality and Perf Improve $179,813
Margaret C. Short Admin Home Hth & Social Svces $179,025
Jodie A. Edwards Certified RN Anesthetist $178,963
Dorothy T. Riley Certified RN Anesthetist $177,798
Melissa Palis Frederick Dir Comp/HRIS/WrkfrcePl&Metric $177,684
Donna S. Via Admin Perioperative Services $177,456
Patricia Lee Beckham Certified RegNurAnest Pool $174,137
Nancy R. Prouty Admin Radiology $171,163
Jamie Ford Hughes Admin Information Services $170,180
Kimberly D. Holdren Dir Finance/Controller $168,775
Eric Anthony Schmitz Admin Business Development $166,000
Audris Veronica Ford Dir Employee Relations $165,767
Brent C. Mcghee Admin Patient Financial Svces $163,988
Steven R. Miller Dir Pharmacy Business Services $163,087
Corinne M. Skeens Dir Finance Information Svces $161,332
Kirk E. Barbieri Dir Specialty IT and Outcomes $160,820
Tom Remy Dir Operating Room $159,905
Donald Joseph Demarco Dir Project Mgmt Office $159,263
Michelle W. Mccarthy Dir Pharmacy Med Usage & Compl $159,258
Elyta H. Koh Dir Strategic Initiatives $158,235
Stephanie Mallow-Corbett Dir Pharmacy Clin Care Svces $156,713
Kathleen M. Sloop Certified RegNurAnest Pool $156,478
Jeffrey M. Hetmanski Dir Finance - Community Ops $155,000
Jacqueline Henderson Lawson Dir Childrens Hosp &Womens Svc $154,125
Mark Lepsch Physician $153,333
Kimberley L. Bauman Physician $153,333
Susan M. Laurie Physician $153,333
Joyce B. Geilker Physician $153,333
Jill Laird-Sanders Dir Case Management $152,916
Mark P. Chabot Mgr Pharmacy $151,132
Frances M. Perucci-Bailey Supv Pharmacy $151,112
Augustus Alexander Johnson Certified RegNurAnest Pool $150,488
Michael Reed Marquardt Chief of Staff $150,000
Ann H. Winer Certified RN Anesthetist $149,876